Best New Dark Music

We are women hear us roar … well more like hear us tear things up and light the ground we’ve walked on fire, screams the message behind the female duo BONES UK terrorizing single “Pretty Waste.” The just under three-minute track should (...)
If you keep your identity hidden you are guaranteed to create crazy good music. The more you conceal your face the harder the beats will sound thus lead to recognition from more popular music makers. See exhibit A) MALAA, his (...)
Salvation ain’t looking for me. Blaring, bright synths open up MXMS’ debut EP, Funeral Pop I, aptly named for the mystic but infectious brand of music with which the duo’s been hitting the scene. Their collection of singles (...)
Below is a song that pretty much makes any music that we feature today sound basic. Metal-step/metal trap/ producers Qoiet have unleashed a single that leaps out at you like something from a horror movie. It (...)
HEALTH proved to us just how good industrialized music can sound. They also go on to prove just how well punk rap and industrial rock blend together. In fact, it’s so good it basically snatched off my hair extensions (...)
Dark pop duo, or more specifically, funeral pop duo MXMS, do not mind diving deep into the innermost feelings of the heart and declaring bold empowerment as they establish themselves as a talent that is far from the norm with their single “Gravedigger.”
HEALTH have always ridden the line between intellectually heavy and heavy as hell. Their live shows are intense, but often their music has leaned a bit more on the mellow-droning side of the noise-goth sound. That all changes with the LA trio’s new collaboration with Perturbator, BODY/PRISON.
Two years ago, when she was barely able to legally drive, Madi burst onto the scene with a show-stealing role in Felix Snow’s glitching pop hit Slow. The rising Los Angeles-based singer is back in a big way this month with her debut single Reprisal.
Today at We Are The Guard our name is sure to be added to the list of useful idiots spreading Russian propaganda around the interwebs. No matter, IC3PEAK Sad Bitch is worth way more than our patriotism.