Best New Tracks

There is something surreal and dizzying at the heart of “Window”, the newest single from Still Woozy, the moniker of artist Sven Gamsky. The track exists somewhere between a daydream and a fantasy world (...)
Houston native Alaina Castillo started singing in church as a child. While in high school, she began posting videos on YouTube and developed her soothing, R&B sound. Since then, she’s been found on Spotify’s (…)
Musicians are finding ways to get all sorts of creative during this world wide quarantine that seems to be lasting a gazillion days. And though we can’t physically gather together, we somehow find ourselves more united than ever. Proof of (…)
Being hyper-confrontational, humorous, and generally obtuse are the hallmarks of any true New Yorker. Princess Nokia, the alias of rapper Destiny Frasqueri, has these characteristics in spades. Born in New York City and of Puerto Rican (…)