Best New Tracks

What you are about to gear is dubstep at it’s finest. Zedd’s Dead and Jauz literally make the ground shake with their collaborative single “Shake.” According to Jauz himself, he stated that it took about 40 different versions of this song for him to wrap (...)
Witch House producer Fraunhofer Diffraction takes the 90s grunge classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and morphs it completely into a haunting future bass banger called “KVRT IN SPACE.” Kurt Cobain would be hella (...)
Having spent so much time in Isla Vista, it’s no surprise that the reggaeton and island vibes come naturally to DEMN. Although newcomer GDSN does a lot of the heavy lifting on “No Break,” it is unmistakenly a jam and (...)
Sofi Tukker share the wild, unrestrained vibes of their Animal Talk party series with "Purple Hat". If you've spent any time in the indie underground, you've likely encountered truly off-the-cuff live music, where the audience resembles (...)
Last week, the Goddesses of this world finally answered my prayers and gave me the collaborations I’ve always wanted: Bjork, the Knife, and Fever Ray swapping each other’s songs. Yes, I love to see it. The tracks are every (...)
When one of our nation’s strangest steps to the mic, we always know it’s going to be something special. Grimes-- the real life equivalent of the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’-- has been weird pop’s golden child since she burst onto the scene with the 1,2 punch (...)
When I was fifteen I definitely wasn’t as remotely cool as Lewis Blissett. I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, eating waffles and fighting monsters from other dimensions (no, wait, that’s the Stranger Things kids) (...)
There can be something so simple in a powerful song. A message transposed across radio waves (or cellular towers), captured in rhythm, beat and lyric. Today We Are: The Guard has the pleasure of bringing you a look at Overcoats’ “The Fool,” (...)
The duo MXMS step into the light about the painful reality of bullying and social exclusion on "What's My Name?" in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. [Content Warning: References to suicidal ideation and (...)
This era (2019) will be officially known as the time of electro-tinged depression pop. I’m so unequivocally sure of this that we’ve officially trademarked the phrase. Electro-tinged depression pop. You can just trademark something by (...)
In a world of production wizards: we’re hearing songs that are bigger, better, wilder, weirder crisper, catchier, and with more sheen and polish than ever before. It’s almost too hard to keep up. Alright, whos making the hottest (...)
Four Tet creates moving, emotional ambient dance music for paintings on "Anna Paintings." His music has always sought the equilibrium between the physical and the cerebral. Kieran Hebden's music is as much for the art gallery as the (...)