Best New Tracks

Every single H.E.R. song is expert level at setting the mood. I think you know what kind of mood I’m talking about without having to get too explicit here. While “Comfortable” sees a sort of departure with regard to a (...)
Whethan goes electroclash on "All In My Head" featuring grandson! All kinds of genres have been getting punked up, these past few years. There's the punk/emo/hip-hop hybrid of Post Malone and Lil Peep. There's (...)
TIL that Joyner Lucas was not the overweight white dude rapping racist vitriol in his “I’m Not Racist” music video. I don’t know if this says more about me (that I didn’t feel the need to follow up), or the world (that I didn’t think it was impossible for a (...)
Memphis rapper NLE Choppa is wise beyond his years on "Exotic"! Growing up in the limelight must be weird. On one hand, you've got every available tool and resource available at your disposal. That kind of money and fame is going to (...)
Lana Del Rabies draws out the darkness of MXMS' "Gravedigger" in an ominous new remix! La funeral pop duo MXMS have always been about duality. It's implied in their genre name itself - accessible and (...)
We’re happy to premiere with you today The Sneeze, a sleek stimulating production from Argonaut & Wasp that opens listeners to a genre bending world where pop meets rock and tropical house.
As perhaps the most moving song on the record, and a hint at what was to come from M83, best new track Moonchild gets some equally weird and moving imagery as well.
Normally EDM 'songs' don't make it into our best new tracks section, mainly because they're not good enough, but "Space Gsus" by Neosignal isn't your normal EDM song.
Tep No is a mysterious electronic producer from Toronto who appears to harness the ability to crank out pop gem after pop gem, like his cool new song, "Lana Del Dre."
If you're like us, you've been waiting to hear the full-version of Theophilus London's best new track, "Do Girls," since he previewed it in January. Well, our day has arrived. London's upcoming sophomore album, Vibes, is produced by Kanye West.
Hailing from Perth, Australia, indie pop trio Crooked Colours have a top new song on their hands with "Capricious." As the lead single off their forthcoming EP, the second effort ever from the band, "Capricious" is a tremendously catchy and layered track.