Indie Chill

In case the incredible artwork didn’t tip you off to what this song is about, it can be succinctly summarized as: realizing you’re still infatuated with another person even as they are vomiting on you.
Whatever Comes to Mind has that kind of earnest indie-chill bedroom producer vibe that will make fans of artists like Toro Y Moi happy, off listening in headphones in their own bedrooms. MorMor melds all of this into a sexy sensual soulful crooning situation that could, should, and probably will be the next big thing.
Close, with its light piano flutters, future-bass breaks and underpinning emotional tension is something special for OTR, the 25-year old aerospace engineer-turned-producer.
Mr. Kitty’s positivity pop goth is so throwback, it’s futurist... with chiptune trance melding with casio-tone riffs that feel so of the past that they’re more or less timeless.
Y’all ready for a tearjerker???? Australian musician & producer Deutsch Duke will have your soul melting and lips quivering with the fluidity of his voice.
Only several months remain in 2017, as We Are The Guard turn our attention to some of the best new tracks of the year. Riley Pearce's new single called Misplaced has already received ample attention for the past several months.
So story has it that Nasaya and Myra, both students of Berklee College of Music, were just mucking around one snowy Saturday afternoon and this track was born. It comes straight out of the frozen depths of their souls and the even icier depths of the Boston city streets.
Happy belated Thanksgiving from all of us here at We Are The Guard, as this newest song from Mines Falls called My New House will make those dramatic moments at the dinner table erase from your memory. So, digest those turkey leftovers and dive right into something that will pluck at your heartstrings.
matt van is like a one man band version of The Postal Service, producing dreamy chill out beats ala DNTEL and the heartfelt emotional vocals reminiscent of Ben Gibbard. If this is’t bedroom music I’ll eat my hat.
Mellow. Chill. Lovely. Emotional. Soulful. Groovy. Indie-Dance. Cinematic. Heartfelt. Downright Fantastic. These are all words I would use to describe Tom Misch’s Movie if men in ski masks that have kidnapped my dog forced me to ramble off a list of words that accurately describe this song.