Indie Chill

Only several months remain in 2017, as We Are The Guard turn our attention to some of the best new tracks of the year. Riley Pearce's new single called Misplaced has already received ample attention for the past several months.
So story has it that Nasaya and Myra, both students of Berklee College of Music, were just mucking around one snowy Saturday afternoon and this track was born. It comes straight out of the frozen depths of their souls and the even icier depths of the Boston city streets.
Happy belated Thanksgiving from all of us here at We Are The Guard, as this newest song from Mines Falls called My New House will make those dramatic moments at the dinner table erase from your memory. So, digest those turkey leftovers and dive right into something that will pluck at your heartstrings.
matt van is like a one man band version of The Postal Service, producing dreamy chill out beats ala DNTEL and the heartfelt emotional vocals reminiscent of Ben Gibbard. If this is’t bedroom music I’ll eat my hat.
Mellow. Chill. Lovely. Emotional. Soulful. Groovy. Indie-Dance. Cinematic. Heartfelt. Downright Fantastic. These are all words I would use to describe Tom Misch’s Movie if men in ski masks that have kidnapped my dog forced me to ramble off a list of words that accurately describe this song.
Ever is a dense blast of futurist pop from Syrian producer Káryyn. On her newest track, Káryyn revives the future pop mission, stretching cooing vocals into saltwater taffy ribbons of yearning and explosion.
Since last week, the home base of We Are The Guard has dropped nearly 40 degrees, and the cloudy, overcast skies are making me a little groggy. Sweater-weather indeed, Taste is the newest track from Rhye that is soft and cuddly that will help you get into the mood of an easy day inside.
Aisha Badru’s Bridges is a glowing, gorgeous, emotional testament to sticking through the rough times. 2017 is a big year for Aisha Badru, with Bridges following quickly behind her excellent Mind On Fire single from earlier this year.
Finally, Meadowlark released their newest cover of Francis and the Lights song May I Have This Dance that really puts us in the mood for some pumpkin spice and turkey with ample stuffing. It's time for love and angst for my favorite seasons.
Having already released Silhouettes earlier this year, UK chill/pop duo Aquilo are gearing up for another album, ii. With the announcement came an accompanying new track, featuring the return of Aquilo’s signature mellow and sentimental sound.