Indie Chill

New releases are starting to match the spring season, and Taj Ralph’s single, Beat the Keeper, is no exception. Not much is yet known about the young Australian artist, but his debut track dropped down on us like soft morning dew on the cusp of a warm day.
Merging the vocal talents of Brennan Strawn and the instrumental prowess of OneRepublic member Brent Kutzle, Sea & Sky is the newest offering from the Los Angeles-based synth-pop group named Monarch.
There is a special intimacy in minimalism, both in aesthetics and in the music that often accompanies it. We Are: The Guard thus dub Minke’s Gold Angel, a sweet, contemplative track, made vibrant with its adorned electric guitar.
Like Someone In Love has been performed by greats such as Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Björk, and other artists. Joining the notable performances is indie musician Bruno Major. With the help of indie artist Phairo, the two recreated the classic song into something refreshingly true to its jazz roots.
As part of his upcoming EP REAL, Henry Green releases a dizzying tune that will get people excited about taking a step back and diving into an intimate space where soft sultry beats serve as a safety blanket from the feeling of vulnerability that may be felt throughout More Than This.
New Zealand-based artist Tsorf (pronounced like surf) is here with some downtempo goodness on her latest track, Hold on to Me. Her ethereal vocals are simply magical on this third single, and they glide over pulsating 80s’-inspired synths and subtle atmospherics beautifully.
Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Emma Sameth instantly won us over with her chilly electro-R&B track, 2 AM. It’s produced by DNTST and Berg, and it features a snap-filled, winding beat that keeps the track going, while her breathy-soft vocals set the track’s sensual tone.
Francis and the Lights is a Oakland-based musical project led by singer-songwriter-producer Francis Farewell Starlite. My City’s Gone is a beautifully haunting track that’s carried by lonesome piano keys, softly sparkling electronics, and vocal effects that add an extra pinch of charm.
Eccentric Swede Martin Molin, a.k.a Wintergatan, has made the sort of instrument you’d expect to see at the World’s Fair. His Marble Machine is an immensely impressive engineering feat, and it plays a pretty bitching song too.
Justin Vernon has publicly stated that he has no future plans to make more music as Bon Iver. Luckily for those of us longing for lo-fi reverb-soaked songs that pack an emotional punch, there’s Novo Amor.
ØRKA is an artist in the vein of Flying Lotus or James Blake. The music is downtempo, dark and dramatic but never boring or sleep inducing, even when the track strays into somewhat psychedelic territories.
Rachel Keen, aka Raye, was raised in a musical family, and weaned on classic soul and jazz. These influences show up throughout her varied, layered debut, Welcome to the Winter, which includes seven songs of offbeat R&B with a natural pop glaze.
The Order of Life and Death, or T.O.L.D., is the musical alter ego of Los-Angeles-via-London crooner Dan Smith. His debut single, Lucifer's Eyes, is a shiny bit of electro pop that we'd call a best new track.