St. Vincent’s New York is one the best heartbroken anthems to come out in 2017 or any other year. Thankfully we get to revisit it in a rather different light today thanks to the West Coast duo DJDS.
At its best music has a way of breaking down barriers, bridging cultural gaps and leading us to the realization that we are all one and in this blessed mess together. So with that in mind, we can all agree that Bounce is 100% a song you can get down to.
America’s Favorite Music Festival just dropped their Weekend One schedule and now there’s all sorts of conflicts for the artists you do want to see and so much down time where you don’t recognize a single name. Well, don’t worry we’re help to help.
We Are: The Guard never sleep. We have a team of industrious tastemakers scouring the Internet for the latest, breaking music news. Of course, social media is one of the best and easiest ways to keep tabs on your favorite artists. And Instagram, of course, is the sovereign ruler of social media.
German singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly's Dreamers is here to set the record straight, telling a whole new generation they can be anything they want to be. Dreamers is an almost unbelievably positive call-to-arms to never give up on your dreams.
Listen to this week’s top curated songs selected by the music experts of We Are: The Guard (believe it or not, we manually listen to EVERY song out there). A special thanks to Band of Horses, Drake, Tom Misch, Low Cut High Tops, Lil Xan, Charli XCX, and the rest of the top 10.
Merk and Kremont are longstanding veterans of the global music underground, releasing high-profile remixes since 2011 and an endless battalion of singles since 2012. Despite their prodigious, prolific clip, Hands Up is still a cause for celebration, as it's only their second single of 2018, thus far. And it's a banger!