Can you believe January is almost over already? How are you holding up with your New Year's resolutions? If you're anything like me, I'm going to assume not so hot. It's all good, though, as the start of a new month is an ideal time to (...)
It’s the end of January 2020, can ya believe it! Of course you can because you are living it with me. So what does this mean? For most of us we’ve broken all our resolutions and for a lot more of us our hopes have been shattered (...)
TroyBoi summons an alien landscape with the bangin' bass music of "Mmmm." Does anyone else miss dubstep? For a brief moment, it seemed like the euphoric utopianism of rave could be paired with academic intellectualism and soundsystem (...)
Nosaj Thing brightens up Jamie Isaac's nocturnal world on "Next To Me." Back in 2018, talking about Jamie Isaac's predilection for somnambulistic grooves, the website The Independent writes, "But when it (...)
“ISH” starts off with the kind of big trap beat that ought to be scoring the new James Bond movie. Cinematic, shrouded in mystery, but with a complete and total sense of self-assurance. The song’s got an ominous (...)
New European artist Ekat Bork has created something unique on SHAMANIA by melding genres including electronic, post punk, hip-hop, and avant-garde. Hailing from Siberia and currently residing in Switzerland (...)
Four Tet remixes the spirit of 90s rave on "Baby" featuring Ellie Goulding. When you're heavily immersed in electronic music it can be difficult to think back across the span of decades, remembering where you were - if you were there (...)
The precedent has been set. Make spine-tinglingly beautiful bass music and an artist might just unlock the keycode to potentially becoming one EDM’s major superstars. We all saw it happen with Flume (...)
Oslo's Otha crafts an anxious, stream-of-consciousness dance floor banger on "Tired and Sick." Absolutely anything can happen on the dancefloor. Everyone's got their own reasons for wanting to lose themselves in a dimly lit club (...)
New Zealand singer/songwriter/producer Baynk returns with a late-night romantic house on "Down." New Zealand's Baynk has always existed in the contradictions - bright/dark, sharp/dreamy, romantic (...)