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Parra for Cuva is one of several new artists in the burgeoning electronic scene in Berlin. Trained in both classical and jazz piano, Nicolas Demuth started this project when he wanted to record some of his piano pieces.
We may not all be able to live like Miley Cyrus and go topless to Fashion Week, but we can spend time checking out more of the best indie pop songs of the week! So slap on your favorite pair of pasties and keep on reading because there are some seriously good tracks ahead.
Pink has teamed up with Dallas Green, a.k.a. City & Colour, to become You+Me (pronounced: you plus me). Like fellow pronoun-friendly band She & Him, they're a folk duo.
New artist 808&Elite is a Florida-based production duo comprised of Tyshane Thompson and Matt Massaro. They manage to dodge the worst stereotypes about religious artists in that their beats are fantastically entertaining while also teeming with creativity and innovation.
Singer/songwriter Midnight (sometimes known simply as Mdnt because who needs all those extra letters, really?) is creating some buzz with his self-described, future soul sound. This New York native has silky smooth vocals that have an almost 90’s R&B flare.
Straight out of Brooklyn, NY comes perhaps the cutest indie/electro-pop quartet ever, Body Language. For electro-pop fans that need some positive vibes sent their way, I highly suggest you read on.
Do you ever wonder what your life might look like if you lived it the way you actually wanted? Well two kiwi bros named Liam and Toby are doing just that as new artist Lakes.
This week we have some beautiful new tunes for you. We have new songs from freak legends, Aphex Twin and Flying Lotus, plus cool new weird stuff from some new weird people! Isn't music awesome?
Imogen Jones is a classically trained violinist who started dabbling in electronic production, found herself, and re-emerged as new artist Lupa J. Blending elements of indie, pop, EDM, and folktronica, the Aussie creates lush soundscapes that are wonderfully extensive.