Best New Hip-Hop

By now, you should all be very familiar with 6LACK, an artist who makes sexy R&B music for sad people like me. And if you haven’t heard his stuff yet, just think of The Weeknd, but miles clever and very much the opposite of self-deprecating (listen to “Ex Calling” as evidence).
When/if the history of SoundCloud Rap gets written, Smokepurpp will loom as a founding father of sorts. A modern day Ben Franklin who dropped out of high school to pursue his musical career, Omar Pineiro can barely buy his own booze, and yet he invented a genre of music that’s spilling over into the mainstream.
“All a man gots is his dick and his word” so sayeth the outro of the newest YG single “Handgun,” which also marks his first collaboration with A$AP Rocky and the most comfortable he’s sounded since his very public split from DJ Mustard.
65th and Ingleside is one of four tracks that Chance dropped out of nowhere this week. Just casually dropping tunes, like he doesn’t even care how his music is released. He’s given it all away for free so far. This is as much of a classic Chance jam as any of his hits.
Newly minted local news mogul and person with a demonstrated history of caring about the freedom of the press, Chance The Rapper is having a hell of a week. And his new track I Might Need Security is a bombastic, take-no-prisoners, yet still hella chill cut that feels like another instant sensation.
What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Juice WRLD? Is it a 19 year old SoundCloud rapper who just signed a 3 Million dollar deal with Interscope Records? Regardless of what he calls himself, Jarad Higgins is an immense talent.
I’m not going to waste your time telling you about Anderson .Paak as I already know that you know and love his work. Bubblin, his newest single dropped in May, but I’m so much more interested in this remix featuring Mr. “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” himself, Busta Rhymes.
Sorry to Bother You is hilarious romp through the worlds of telemarketing, corporate slavery and art, all through a *very* pro-union guise. On top of that, The Coup showed up for soundtrack duties, banging out one of the absolute best tracks of the year.
If there's one artist I want to help spread buzz about in 2018 it's Channel Tres. This dude is EXCITING (ALL CAPS) and I want all of us to get on the Tres train before it leaves the station. Both of his tracks, Controller and now Jet Black, are as good as absolutely anything I have ever heard.
Big Freedia, current keeper of the New Orleans bounce sound and ultimate payer of Rent has just dropped 3rd Ward Bounce. The EP is fire and uplifting twerk music as it comes, but Karaoke, the effort’s first track and next single is a HUGE sound, and calls back to those hazier nights out at the clurb.
Baile Bear shouts out the “Batman Alley” from the neighborhood of Pinheiros, Sao Paulo in his minute seventeen VIP remix of Jaden Smith’s parody(?) of Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.” One of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever had to type.