Best New Hip-Hop

Machine Gun Kelly remembers - and tries to forget - a disastrous relationship on Let You Go. Whether you’re holding on to pleasant memories, or you just want to say screw it, Let You Go, is an essential slab of emotional hip-hop.
We Are The Guard label signee Denm looks for his place in the universe with the epic, emotive Belong! L.A.’s DENM has clearly found his calling - writing shiver-worthy, goosebump inducing electropop.
I once was living off of nothing but cup of noodles and frozen waffles. I would eat them so much I that I was dreaming and singing about them for a couple of semesters in college (sadly, that’s not a joke). But my game was nowhere as catchy as today’s featured song Cup Of Noodle by 1999 in Iceland.
Falcons is ready to celebrate. The Atletixx crew member recently signed on the dotted line for Fool’s Gold, and now he’s released a new track, Aquafina, featuring verses from Goldlink and Chaz French.
Vince Staples has finally released new music. BagBak is the first new song since last year’s Prima Donna EP and it’s just as fast and punchy as we would expect from the Long Beach native. The track is quintessential Staples with hard hits of the bass smothered by a high-styled sheen.
Awful Records’ FATHER just released his hot new pop-trap track Hands, produced by Meltycanon, following last year’s track, Heartthrob. We’re super excited to share this track with you since it’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything new from the Atlanta-based artist, and “Hands” definitely delivers.
Migos is one of the most culturally influential rap names today. After making the internet explode with their 2013 debut album, Versace, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset are back with their their new album, Culture. The 12-track compilation is filled with beats worth listening to on-repeat, but the hottest song just may be Get Right Witcha.
Without missing a step Atlanta rapper Pollari releases yet another ambitious fire of a track featuring Lil Peep. Produced by Brobak, Fantasy carries an addictive beat that will be sure to leave listeners in a hazy state of mind crying out for more, much like the ladies on the song’s artwork.
Subwoofers at the ready. After a wildly successful 2016, British producer JOYRYDE is getting the New Year off to an explosive start with his latest bass-driven banger. Featuring Indiana hip hop veteran Freddie Gibbs, Damn is a straight up rap-meets-trap juggernaut that'll leave you saying exactly that: Damn...
Killer Mike and El-P are back with a brand new Run the Jewels track called Legend Has It. The song is off of their upcoming third album, RTJ3, and it’s a fiery energy-charged 3 and a half minutes that shows no mercy whatsoever.
Ty Dolla $ign has teamed with Travis Scott on his hot new track, 3 Wayz. 3 Wayz is the fourth single off of his upcoming mixtape Campaign, and we here at The Guard are totally into it. Who would’ve known they could make being up to no good sound so…nice?
By internet timelines, we’re decades late on Indonesian wunderkind rapper Rich Chigga. But just because we’re behind the times for once doesn’t mean we can’t give the 16 year old and his viral hit, Dat $tick, its due.