Best New Hip-Hop

Sudan Archives breaks down "high" and "low culture" in pursuit of beauty and truth on "Glorious"! There's an unfortunate tendency in Western culture to "honor" "unconventional" art forms by allowing them to enter (...)
Dillon Francis hasn’t just been releasing songs that make you want to drop everything and bust out dancing, he’s straight-up rounding up all the artists that make you lose yourself. Take for instance today’s shared featured (...)
This level of darkly droning, low energy hip-hop vibes could only come from the type of dude who doesn’t care about the least bit about what the world thinks of him. Or is Father just putting on a show for all the (...)
Swae Lee comes together with Drake to bring the heat he promised earlier this month on "Won't Be Late." At the beginning of August, Swae Lee tweeted a teaser, "August's going to be an exciting month. That's (...)
I’m currently obsessed with Sebastian Paul and to say I am excited about his upcoming EP Boy Oh Boy, dropping on the 30th of this month is an understatement. His music, especially the songs featured in his next (...)
Los Angeles duo THEY. are known for their experimental and eclectic tastes, counting such diverse artists as Kurt Cobain, James Brown, and Taking Back Sunday among their influences. And yet their latest single “Til’ I Die” (...)
Just when I thought my wig couldn’t survive another snatch, Joyner Lucas and Timbaland yank it, drag it across the country and back, soak it in fizz, roll it on the floor, and leave it on my doorstep. Yes, that is (...)
I never thought four years of Spanish lessons would come in handy until I heard “Uno” by Ambjaay. The rappers bilingual single leaves me asking “Where was this song when I was in high school?” This jam is full of flavor and is packed with (...)
“I was reaching out to other local artists trying to work with them, but nobody wanted to work with me,” 17-year-old Texas rapper Quin NFN explained to Genius. He basically was told to pay up if you wanted to play so he said (...)
Koruna & Lime is the third single off of Injury Reserve’s self-titled album dropping May 17th. Koruna & Lime is an obvious play on words… Corona & Lime, but instead of Corona they sub the word for the Czech currency (...)