Best New Hip-Hop

When they say get you a man who can do both, they’re talking about Angelo Mota, right? This 22 year old New Jersey rapper-producer might be the freshest voice in hip-hop since Future invented Mumble Rap wayyyy back in 2014.
Still Young, by Chicago’s I'm Thirsty, is dirty, raw, dangerous, and damaged hip-hop. It’s excellent. Still Young will re-awaken the revolutionary bones in your body, instantly transforming you into an angsty drug-addled emo teenager.
Lou the Human's new track, Born, sounds like an 11-year old’s slumber party, seeped in sugar, video games, softcore smut and cheap horror films, but combined with a full-tilt acid party and possibly a seance.
It doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult, given American music’s common roots in the Blues and African-American music, but truly exceptional guitar/hip-hop hybrids are so rare and special. This is why Gabriel Black’s Freedom is such a chilling, powerful, noteworthy event.
British rapper Stormzy channels his inner-Drake with his version of 4PM In Calabasas called 4PM In London. Grab your hoodie and put on the headphones. This next We Are The Guard recommendation should be listened to loud and proud.
The newest track from Darci called Life blends the best of the R&B/hip hop world with chill styled electronic music. The weather is getting a bit chillier, so let's cuddle up with some nice tunes with some of We Are The Guard's musical picks. Enjoy!
I can say with utter certainty that I’ve never heard anything like this before. The hook is catchy, the rhymes are fresh and the production is unlike anything else out there. Listen to Cokeroaches by Slang.
Innovative hip hop newcomers are swarming the industry like bees to honey and we're not complaining. One of the many rising rap names is a collective called Brockhampton-- they like to call themselves the boy band of hip hop.
If you, like I (ashamed or unashamed), loved the Emo I movement of 1997-2002 (and probably the Emo II movement with Modern Baseball et al.) and have an affinity for the chill ass hip-hop production of dudes like Ryan Hemsworth and Shlohmo, then you’re going to be head over heels for Lil Peep.
Conscious LA rapper Rhys Langston has returned to his homebase, and his new single off his upcoming album, Jesus of Los Feliz, (best title ever) recounts his feelings about returning to Leimert Park.
When rappers are out here sampling legitimate instruments for the time being, Juicy J has followed suit with a single that’s got some dazzling piano chords playing throughout. Listen to Flood Watch featuring Migos’ Offset below.