Best New Hip-Hop

Soundcloud rising rapper Nascar Aloe is proving that in this day and age we can still have our minds blown. Listen to his single "Fed Up."
Italian rapper Young Signorino's new one, "Mmh Ha Ha Ha," is utterly ridiculous. It may also be the soundtrack for these times. Either way, the beats are fire.
With rappers Stepa J. Groggs and Ritchie With a T, and producer Parker Corey hard at work on their forthcoming self-titled debut, “Jawbreaker” offers a sneak peek at why the trio is one of the most exciting and creative up and coming acts in the game.
Durk is Atlanta based now, but he’s clearly got mad love for the place he grew up. It shows unabashedly with this song, accompanying video, and neighborhood hero organization. Now Lil Durk is spreading his success as wide as he possibly can.
Tyla Yaweh is the newest signing to Post Malone and Dre London’s label London Entertainment with a pair of hits on Spotify that have over 5 million plays between them. As he gears up for his highly anticipated debut F The Rules, Tyla has given us the dancefloor-ready jam She Bad.
When SAINt JHN was calling himself McDonalds Rich, I thought it meant like Dollar Menunaire style. Like, at McDonalds how I FEEL rich because I can afford to buy fifteen items and eat them all back at my house like a king.
Build is Skye’s first follow-up single to her 2018 full-length release ULTRAVIOLET. Only seven months later and she’s already got some new hotness fueling the fire. Arin Ray hops in for a featured verse that’s got some major charm.
Sometimes an artist arrives at the right place at the right time to be the voice of a moment. 26 year old Chicagoan Noname, born Fatimah Warner, has more than enough talent to fit the bill and holy shit does the shoe fit.