Best New Hip-Hop

This Is America and its accompanying video is like Jordan Peele's Get Out with a digital dancehall beat. It's the sound of making s'mores as Babylon burns, or catching a wicked suntan in the post-nuclear summer. Needless to say, absolute top-shelf stuff! Comedy and Tragedy have never been closer cousins.
We've been waiting for Sumo for a long, long time now. Denzel Curry, the southern Florida rapper, first tweeted "SUMO FEAT. ??? COMING SOON" with some accompanying live footage back in October of last year. We had to wait 6 months to find out who this guest MC was going to be, who turned out to be … nobody.
Rising star Bakar has only been making music for a year and a half, but a quick listen to some of his offerings would suggest he’s been at this far longer. His latest single, All In, is a showstopping love song that mixes elements of trip hop, R&B, indie rock, and pop.
Hip-hop and house were once much closer cousins, crawling out of the same warehouses, parking lots, bars, and basements of Chicago and other American cities. It's appropriate the twin currents should reconvene on this new Hip House banger from London's Born Dirty.
Big Freedia’s Rent is so goddamn hype that I very nearly forgot I was listening to the queen of bounce and thought that I’d put on some friggin’ metal instead. I found myself headbanging along to these rip-roaring guitar riffs that feel like they’re fresh off a new Sleigh Bells record.
After listening to Million Miles from bakar I’ve learned that while UK hiphop is all well and good, UK hiphop backed by pseudo-new wave funkiness might just be the be-all-end-all, the pinnacle of musical achievements in the 22nd century.
There is a really solid argument to be made that josh pan is the single best producer working in hip-hop bass music today. His music is weird, unsettling even, experimenting with soundscapes that make even the OGs and jaded bass-freaks perk their heads up curiosity.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The electronic producer known as whereisalex has released a new song he refers to as a “throwaway” that is making us want to jump out of our desk chairs and bounce off the walls.
G-Eazy released his third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned, which entails help from the music industry's top heavyweights. A lesser known featured artist on the compilation is Drew Love of THEY. for a song titled Love is Gone. We believe it's one of the most underrated songs of the album.
The holidays are upon us, but if you think that it’s all snowflakes and Christmas cheer here at We Are The Guard, then you don't know us very well, do you? Darnell Williams, multi-talented rapper by way of Detroit, just dropped his newest track called Porno off his upcoming EP.