Best New Indie Pop

At the top of the month we introduced you to Brooklyn duo Lewis Del Mar, with their ready-made debut single, Loud(y). Today the boys are back with another dynamite track, Memories.
The Jehovah’s Witness-turned-burgeoning-alt-pop-princess Meg Meyers is gearing up for her debut LP this fall, and she’s released a tantalizing new single, Lemon Eyes, to peak interest.
18 year old Norwegian songstress Aurora has been wowing audiences in America since her debut at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. Her debut EP, Running With The Wolves, came out this spring to critical acclaim.
I hold this week’s Best Indie Pop songs. Parade of Lights along with Fetty Wap and Kate Boy make this playlist extra nice. I’ll leave you to the music.
I Am by AWOLNATION now has a stunning video to go along with this tremendous anthem. It's a triumphant, swelling pop number that can only fail to move you if you hate life and music.
By the end of our playlist you’ll be feeling higher than life itself. The Weeknd, Seinabo Sey, The Hood Internet and the rest of the indie artists will get you pumped up and feeling good, real good.
The Guard has done what they do best which is: discovered the the most stunning pop songs from the internetz. The music we’ve been filtering has left us impressed. Expect to have the following featured artists on repeat.
Today’s human curated top Indie Pop songs are much like the weather: a sudden feeling of feverish heat followed by ice cold chills. Discover new groovy favorites from Miley Cyrus (watch before you judge), It’s Mark Johns, New Politics and others.
This week we have a spectacular lineup that stood out sonically from the saturated pop scene, with catchy melodies, captivating vocals and overall stimulating vibes that will make you feel extra good.
The musician’s life seems great, except for the part where you grow old and your fans abandon you. This harrowing thought is put under the microscope in Ariel Pink’s latest music video, Dayzed Inn Daydreams.
The next 15 minutes of the best indie pop songs we’ve gathered from the past week will boost your rather lackluster week. Find yourself a comfy little nook, zone out and enjoy the latest efforts from Years and Years, Kacy Hill, and Sia.