Best New Tracks

R3hab holds a special place in my heart, regardless of that moment's outcome, for giving my buddy a break when he needed one. And that’s what good EDM is. It feels like a break through the hard times. Uplifting progressive (...)
Despite all outward appearances suggesting the contrary, Oliver Tree needs to be taken seriously and is truly an artistic force to be reckoned with. Yes, I’m talking about this man. The above picture is not of (...)
Persian R&B singer Snoh Aalegra explores the confusion of modern love on "Situationship," in anticipation of her upcoming new album! Modern life is confusing, uncertain, unstable. To say that this (...)
Prospa, a young production duo out of the UK feel like they’re throwing back to a time before they were even born. Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith came into this world in the mid-nineties, a time when UK rave (...)
Indie rock band KONGOS, who had breakthrough success with their single “Come With Me Now,” embrace our insecurities and thoughtfully unravels what goes through our mind when we stare at our partner's eyes (...)
It’s 2019, what the hell are people still doing still making requests to DJs outside of weddings? Have you ever been out before? Jeez…. Hmmm… when’s the last time you think The Knocks DJed a wedding by the way? (...)
My favorite part about writing for We Are: The Guard has got to be how goth our readers are. Y’all love this electro-tinged emo goth synthwave energy, with dark brooding vocals and moody tones. Don’t get me wrong, I do too. But sometimes (...)
It’s super depressing that it’s a Saturday and I have zero plans. All is good though because Rezz has dropped a masterpiece of a song, “Lonely.” The Canadian producer pairs up with The Rigs to create a song so distorted it begs (...)
Here’s your dose of romantic electro-pop ballad for the weekend. The weather outside might be blistering hot, but Lykke Li says “nope not hot enough” … that is why she turns it up a few degrees in her song “Neon" (...)