Best New Tracks

Daughters of Noise! might just be the whole package. Big, funky, electro, danceable, female-led (and written) pop tunes. This is simultaneously retro and so far in the future it’s like is it 2023 already or what? Did we hop (...)
If you thought the hot weather was long gone, you thought wrong! Get ready to have this evening’s temperature reach a new boiling point thanks to the intoxicating single “Heat Wave” by indie-pop songstress LYYN. Actually (...)
Chicago based indie artist Jack Larsen returned this month with his beautiful heartfelt track “Bubba” taken from his debut album Mildew. Life is precious and when faced with uncertain circumstances one quickly learns what (...)
Cigarettes After Sex return confessing their true nature in the single “Cry”. We live in a time where being too conservative makes one prudish while on the other hand, being too honest makes you crass and inappropriate leaving those who love (...)
"Face To Face” explores the uncomforting feelings of Rex Orange County during his time away from home. He reveals how his distrust of people was on high alert. Thanks to this experience we know have a glistening (...)
Sudan Archives breaks down "high" and "low culture" in pursuit of beauty and truth on "Glorious"! There's an unfortunate tendency in Western culture to "honor" "unconventional" art forms by allowing them to enter (...)
On "In A Bind," Lætitia Tamko shows that subtlety isn't dead, with a stunning, romantic acoustic guitar ballad. Pop music is relatively unavoidable in 2019. A few months shy of 20 years into the new millennium, maybe we're so inured to The (...)
Dystopian pop has probably always been a thing. But if you’re gonna buy stock in one genre really exploding the next decade-plus, this one certainly has to be it. Which brings us to “Peachy Keen”, the latest single from L Devine, a masterclass (...)
A killer remix has the distinct ability to turn you on to two artists at the same time. And maybe it’s just me, writing for this site being my job and all, but I’m PRETTY into the discovery of new music. I have an inkling (...)
Deep, whispered emotions piped directly to your brain. The huff of a breath meant only for you. In a day and age of the bigger, the better, MXMS make deeply personal, solitary tunes. Music that feels best listened to (...)
Mike Hadreas gets dancier and poppier than ever with his Perfume Genius project on "Pop Song"! Mike Hadreas' Perfume Genius project has been a gradual descent into poppiness. 2010's Learning was an exercise in delicacy, with (...)
Is Orck the new Oi? ‘Cause Gesaffelstein just brought techno and punk together in a way that hasn’t been touched since Steve Aoki put Refused’s “New Noise” as the opening track to his Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles debut album (...)
Back in 2018, members of the band Chvrches expressed sincere admiration for legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima. A year later they’ve released the titular track on the soundtrack for Kojima’s highly anticipated new game (...)