Indie Singer-Songwriter

Forest Blakk is a new emotive songwriter hailing from Canada, and his debut single Love Me will have you in your feels. Trust me. I haven’t felt this pained since finding out the calorie count on the back of my food packages was only meant for ONE serving.
A couple months back, we told you about Bruno Major, the talented singer-slash-pianist making waves with his elegant, slice-of-life compositions. Listen to On Our Own, the final track from A Song for Every Moon, and cry with me. It’s good for the soul.
We Are The Guard have reviewed one of Gordi’s emotional first singles off her album, Heaven I Know, and the feels just keep coming in anticipation of her debut release, Reservoir. This past week the Australian singer premiered a video for her song, Bitter End.
Combining several genres in his newest track called Talk Is Overrated, singer/songwriter Jeremy Zucker is surely capable of dropping a song that emphasizes his musical versatility, as well as talent. We Are The Guard takes a closer look at this youngster’s budding career before he rolls into LA.
Even though Lewis Capaldi has only released one song, the Glasgow-born artist is garnering mass attention and he's going on a tour too. The ballad is called Bruises and it is nothing short of stunning. It is emotive and tender. It reminds us of Hozier with its gospel-like depth, piano, and back-up vocalists.
Everyone loses something at some point in their life, whether it’s a cell phone, a loved one, or a significant other (am I really comparing saying bye to an ex to losing an iPhone? You bet your *ss I am). So have I, and from experience, the ones that sting the most are genuine, honest-to-god friendships. It’s a different kind of hurt, one that Australian singer Gordi can unfortunately attest to.