Molly Moore looks like the type of girl who would tell you off, slap you, then finish it all with a french kiss. Her newest single “No Stress” is packed full of mixed signals (or perhaps I am just projecting).
So you’re off to Coachella and your packing list is looking a little light. We Are The Guard has gone ahead and put together a list of our top 10 Must-Haves to make sure that you, your friends and everyone around you has the best festival ever.
Water Me Down is a sturdy, pop ballad about holding true to yourself and not giving an eff about someone having a problem with the way you present yourself. Ever the classy lady with the impressive vocal chops, Mothica delivers the message with her silky tongue and catchy synth chords to boot.
Pop punk and hip-hop come together in Busu's banging new single, Do 2 Much, but you have to really squint to identify the punkish influence. It's more of an attitude, an unwillingness to compromise, which has defined the young Stockholm rapper from the very start.
On Selfish, SAINt JHN reveals himself to be a Bad Boy with a heart of gold. We Are The Guard give our approval, and advise other rappers to consider spilling their complex, contradictory emotions. Especially when it's over sick beats and smooth synths like these.
Nottingham's Shelter Point will make you feel things with "Feel." "Feel" is a transcendental disco/house seeped in smooth, soulful vocals. It's warm, cool, detached, insistent. It's a contradictory dance tune that is that much more compelling for its nuance.
It's time to get the good vibrations flowing this Friday with the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Best Chill Songs, featuring Superorganism, Saba, SAINt JHN, Molly Moore, Bibi Bourelly, and five other favorites!
There are some things your are immediately in the bag for and all you can do is hope for the best. A Janelle Monae song called Pynk featuring Grimes feels like some fanfic I’m not nearly brave enough to write. I loved this before I knew it existed.