Norwegian singer/songwriter/indie popstar Emma Jensen gives you a reason to cry with "Someone To Break Your Heart". Pop Music tends to be bright, brash, bold, painting in primary colors rather than faded shades or hues. It's (...)
There are nine days and counting until Christmas, but don't think that I'm letting you off the hook JUST yet! The food, gifts, and decorations may be stacking up around us, but we've still got a whole bunch of new music to get through (...)
“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas/Everywhere you go.” That's right, traffic is at a standstill, the parking lots are full, and the store lines are stretching all of the way to the back of the mall. Okay, okay, so I don't mean to sound (...)
This is the Best of Indie Pop baby and we’re ready to light your Thursday on fire by expanding your mind to the sounds of the artists we’ve listened to and loved this past week. And we better get to it quick because the end of the year is upon us (...)
NF claps back against his haters on "Paid My Dues." Michigan-based rapper NF has been having the biggest year of his career. NF dropped his most recent full-length The Search back in July, to rave reviews. It's been NF's biggest success so (...)
Los Angeles singer/songwriter/rising Pop Star turns in a heartfelt, soulful version of Mac Miller's "Dunno." Mac Miller's original version of "Dunno," comes off as a bit of braggadocio, your classic back-handed bragging, talking about (...)