If hearing that Ekali and 1788-L have teamed up for a track doesn’t instantaneously get those headphones on and hood up, then we might be starting off on different pages here. Ekali and 1788-L are a bass supergroup in the making.
Hey, everybody, and welcome to the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's New Indie Music. That's right, while you've been enjoying your time off this President Cardi B Day, the team and I have been busy filtering through the blogosphere in search of all of the best indie songs.
GIRLI "Deal With It" is the sonic equivalence of those light-drenched rooms the Swedish are said to occupy during the darkest months of winter. “Deal With It” is the electro-pop bop we need during these overcast and gloomy times.
If you're feeling a little sore after getting rejected by your Valentine, then (I feel your pain!), let me help to heal your heartbreak with the following chill tracks from Cuco & Dillon Francis, RY X, Son Lux, SOAK, Toro y Moi, and even more.
When RL Grime drops the first track off his new label, we should probably pay attention, right? “Arcus” from RL Grime and Graves is as good (if not better) than anything either artist has released up to this point. That’s like saying better than the best.
Is there anything sexier than R&B? The sultry grooves, the laidback swagger, the ecstatic vocals … it's like every R&B song was made before, during, or about the act of physical love. Here are 10 of our favorite modern R&B love songs for getting it on. And Happy Valentine's Day from We Are: The Guard!
Together these ten tracks offer the perfect playlist for a romantic evening, or one spent consuming junk food and box wine while opening and closing the same four apps until you pass out.
Fix Me has Francis teaming up with the Chicano mumble crooner Cuco, an LA icon in his own right. This sound is a departure for both artists, with Cuco’s usual lo-fi bedroom sound getting a major overhaul from a relatively restrained production by Francis standards.
Would it be shocking to say that the Grammys was a hot mess? I’m just glad it’s all wrapped up and we can finally move on to next year’s nominee predictions. I have all my money on the artists featured in today’s Best of Indie Pop post.