Hello, everyone, and thanks for joining me for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Indie Songs! That's right, it's time to take your shiny new limited edition vinyl copy of Father of the Bride off the turntable, as the team (...)
Happy May! Can you believe that we're already over a third into 2019? While we may no longer be holding ourselves to the resolutions that we set in January, there's nothing quite like a brand new month to press the reboot button on life. (...)
Favorite lyric: “You make me immortal / You take me to space / You are a planet / A place I’ve not known / Your body is home to rare gods.” After three long years of silence, Kate Tempest returns with the single (...)
Both you and I know there are like a bagillion songs released every day, to be more specific, there is an average of 40 million songs uploaded to Spotify on a daily basis waiting for someone to click play. But unless you are being paid to filter through 40 (...)
Salvation ain’t looking for me. Blaring, bright synths open up MXMS’ debut EP, Funeral Pop I, aptly named for the mystic but infectious brand of music with which the duo’s been hitting the scene. Their collection of singles (...)
Long Island native Roken is here to make a name for himself with his debut single “Comfortable” and there is no reason why listeners, especially millennials wouldn’t take to it. “Comfortable” is filled with layers upon (...)
It's the return of the repressed on "Angry Too" the newest single from LA's Lola Blanc! American society is reluctant to acknowledge negative emotions. We're supposed to think positively all of the time. We're (...)
“Salvation ain’t looking for me,” Ariel Levitan declares in a tone mixed with triumph and resignation. One she keeps for the entirety of these proceedings. Underneath her always impeccable vocals, a pulsating synth bass (...)
It's been an incredible year for indie music so far. No, really, if you'd have told me in January that, within four months, we'd have new shit from Vampire Weekend, James Blake, Grimes, The National, and Tame Impala, to name but a (...)