If you tried making a list of all the things you’d like to say to that one person who absolutely irritates you, it might look something like “Captions” by Wolf (but significantly less witty and eloquent). New York native Wolf doesn’t (...)
From his impressive production credits with artists including Lil Dicky, Cousin Stizz and J.I.D, to his 2016 “Good Goes Around” Cheerios anthem, chances are you've heard some of Latrell James’ work. A Boston native known for his relatable (...)
If you regularly read this column, then you'll know that I'm a big fan of fall. I love the golden leaves, the cozy sweaters, and the proliferation of pumpkin spice. There's no about it, however, that the cold days and the dark nights can (...)
Addal gets positively idealistic with the epic club anthem "We Are The Young"! There's always been a place for euphoric, uplifting anthems in electronic music. There's always going to be a drive for ecstatic 4/4 bangers, laced with enough sugary (...)
Slip-on your headphones and keep your mouths shut. I know what you’re going to say, and before you say it, yes, I might have been on a good one as I curated this week’s list of the Best Indie Pop songs. As you’re about to find out, we’re (...)
Mura Masa gets grimey on "Deal Wiv It" in collaboration with Slowthai. There's something particular about British hip-hop. The rasping brogue of Northern accents seem made for ranting, raving, waxing poetic on small slivers of life (...)
Sheffield, UK's Bring Me The Horizon turn in a cyber-metallic anthem for the Death Stranding soundtrack with "Ludens." It often seems like we are living through an apocalypse. Climate change and global warming make (...)
This is just the beginning for Cobi’s “Island in my Mind.” I’m not entirely sure what’s next, but I have some ideas of where this deeply emotional blues-pop epic could be headed. A. A big remix. Like huge. Someone like Kygo (...)
Maxime gets autumnal on "Empty," an understated indie banger for dancing beneath changing leaves. Musically, "Empty" is all good times - smooth, jazzy basslines; funky guitars; and psychedelic, disorienting keyboards, which is all the more impressive (...)
I want to say that CamelPhat has been quietly cooking up the hottest tunes in dance music, but that’s a blatant lie and we all know it. After a ubiquitous single like 2017’s “Cola” and a Grammy nomination to boot for the (...)