Best New Artists 2014

The funkier offspring of Rhye and Washed Out, new artist f y f e is making lush soundscapes that are at once familiar, but like nothing you ever heard before.
Captivating new artist Jaymes Young blends his hearty pop pedigree seamlessly with an obvious affinity for soaring electronic instrumentation. Check out Darkstar now!
Trying to figure out the meaning of new artist Giraffage's name is a lot like trying to figure out the purpose of the giraffe. Don't overthink it, just listen and enjoy!
Our curator Benny Urich has managed to bring us a surprising pick in new artist, Elderbrook. Rewinding is an extremely chill, downtempo house song. Listen now!
Sonically, new artist Marble Sounds compares favorably to Belle & Sebastian. They're not breaking any new ground here, they're just doing it better than everyone else.
A new artist named Conner Youngblood has arrived to be not just a breath of fresh air, but a goddamn hurricane full of it! Thanks to curator Pucken for this cool find!
What do you get when three guys from New Zealand with mismatched musical tastes start a new band? You get indie rock/hip-hop act The Wyld.
If you like your house upbeat, vibey and full of jazzy love, FAUL will soon be your favorite new artist. Check out their song Changes right's super dooper.
Props to our new Brazilian curator Gui Alvim for discovering emerging artist, Eye Emma Jedi. Listen right now to our fav new artist because you love great music!
The anonymous thing doesn't work for everyone, but in new artist Ganzo's case, he pulls it off and his music is awesome enough to speak for itself. Don't miss it!