Best New Artists 2014

Is there something in the water supply over in Australia that causes everyone to excel at electronic music? We bring you the ultra mysterious electronic duo, new artist Hopium.
Canadian duo and new artist, Electric Youth, consists of members Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick. If you saw the movie Drive, you’ve already been introduced to this synth-pop duo with their College-produced track, A Real Hero.
Today we bring you a young singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia that is so new we don’t even know her real name yet. Going by the name Little Deed, she describes her sound as “the sparse electronica of James Blake, with a hint of the true grit of the Arctic Monkeys.”
When I was I was 15 I didn't have the internet. I owned absolutely nothing, including a gold chain, black and white durags, a turtleneck, or any Fubu gear. If I had had any of those things I could've been new artist Spooky Black.
Parra for Cuva is one of several new artists in the burgeoning electronic scene in Berlin. Trained in both classical and jazz piano, Nicolas Demuth started this project when he wanted to record some of his piano pieces.
Singer/songwriter Midnight (sometimes known simply as Mdnt because who needs all those extra letters, really?) is creating some buzz with his self-described, future soul sound. This New York native has silky smooth vocals that have an almost 90’s R&B flare.
Imogen Jones is a classically trained violinist who started dabbling in electronic production, found herself, and re-emerged as new artist Lupa J. Blending elements of indie, pop, EDM, and folktronica, the Aussie creates lush soundscapes that are wonderfully extensive.
Ever wondered what life would be like if metal received a super kawaii, J-Pop makeover? Well, now we know with the Japanese teenage girl group, Babymetal.
There isn’t a lot known yet about UK singer/songwriter Amy Milner. The 20 year old piano player has already had a major career boost by being featured on BBC’s Introducing, and her debut song, “Have It All” is creating some serious buzz.
New artist Lovelife's sound is truly infectious, being a blend of 80’s new wave mixed with modern electropop, which they describe as electronic gospel or heartsick pop. If you’re into bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, or The Neighbourhood, keep on reading because these guys are right up your alley.
It’s hard to believe that new artist Marz Leon is not a music industry veteran. Her vocals are soulful and brooding, which compliment her slow burning, bass-heavy electropop that is great for fans of Banks or even Lorde.
Despite sounding very polished and like she’s been in the game for a while now, new artist Laura Doggett is still quite mysterious and unknown. Besides recording a few songs for BBC’s Introducing Sessions, the singer/songwriter only has one song to her name, but it’s quickly stirring up a lot of buzz.
Twenty-two year old NYU students Matt Walsh and Jesse Aicher may come from different musical backgrounds, but that didn’t stop them from creating some seriously awesome new music under the name Prelow.