Best New Artists 2014

New artist Meanwhile is here to take us back to the colorful days of the 1980s with his Prince-inspired, funk-electro-pop sound. Listen to Luvletta and Bigger City!
New artist Junip create fun, weird, morose indie pop and we're surprised that this is the first that we're hearing about them. Listen now to Walking Lightly by Junip!
For fans of early 2000s bands such as Death From Above 1979 and Bloc Party, new artist Sego will totally fill the void with their seriously catchy sound.
New artist Kwamie Liv operates in the burgeoning new down-tempo electro-pop scene. She can count the likes of Lana Del Rey, Banks, and FKA twigs as her contemporaries.
Meet Chelsea May Wheatley, otherwise known as Chela, a 24 year old new artist from Melbourne. Listen to a couple great tracks, Romanticise and Vegas Nights!
What first strikes you about new artist Thom Byles' music is its warmth. This sort of ethereal, ambient folk rarely has so much sunny, coziness to it.
Hailing from Camas, Washington, new artist Kye Kye writes heartfelt indie electronica songs that engages listeners with off-beat pop hooks and emotionally raw lyrics.
Elliott Williams, from the English indie-rock band Editors, is entering new artist territory with his 80s synth pop inspired project, Y.O.U.
Although new artist Nuages is a fresh prince in the world of electronica, his original tracks and remixes exhibit ace production value.
New artist and 18 year old prodigy, Tom Misch from South London, can quite easily say he's a producer, singer, guitarist, and violinist.