Best New Artists 2014

Much like the band's name, Rubblebucket's sound is hard to define. They merge psychedelic indie rock with dance pop, essentially, but there's more going on than that.
Tep No’s musical soundscapes are a sensual threesome tango between indie-pop, R&B and electronic tunes. Dreamwave pop is the outcome of the melodic genre orgy.
If you listen to the exceptional music being churned out by new artist Vanic, the 24 year old DJ from Vancouver, you quickly realizes that there's a lot more than that going on here than just a simple remix.
There's a relatively unknown teen from New Zealand making extraordinarily mature alternative pop that could be a game-changer. Meet emerging artist, Thomston.
It's tough to tell these days if emerging artists like LANY are being mysterious on purpose, or if they just don't know how to market themselves.
It's hard to classify new artist Moody Good properly genre-wise, but he is definitely a little bit moody, and very, very good. Listen to Hotplate and Grumbles n Sparkles!
If you like white guys from LA that can sing sweet RnB like it's nobody's business, then new artist Blackbear will definitely be your new jam.
New artist Faye has a penchant for melodramatic pop songs with thundering choruses. Listen to Water Against The Rocks and more.