Best New Artists 2014

In a career that seems to have had several false starts and pauses, Los Angeles based new artist, Annaliese, seems like she's on the cusp of a major breakthrough.
Electronic-indie rock project, Duologue, have been making beautifully produced, melancholy electronic music for a few years now but are finally gaining some well-deserved buzz with their second full-length album.
What do you if you're the son of a legendary musician? You start bands with the kids of other legendary musicians. XING packs one helluva a pedigree, but they don't have any intention of resting on their famous parents' laurels.
If you’re a fan of bands who release pop ballads with huge choruses like Imagine Dragons or Keane, new artists Osca from London are right up your alley!
David O'Dowda is an experimental folk musician from Manchester who also soundtracks movies for the indie studio, Pylon Pictures Ltd. As an emerging artist, O'Dowda is hard to define.
Out of Melbourne, Australia comes 20 year old new artist, Lucian Blomkamp. This singer/producer has been creating music since 2012, and he’s finally creating some serious buzz with his latest EP, Post-Nature.
Coming out of Chicago is new artist, Lucki Eck$. He may still only be in his teens, but his lyrics and music sound way beyond his age. He’s only been active since 2013, but has already created a fresh new sound that he refers to as alternative rap.
New artist Banoffee is a bit of a paradox. Musically she combines synth-driven pop with R&B for a mixture that recalls Balearic Beats because of its house-style production with hip hop's emphasis on percussions.
New artist Honne truly goes above and beyond the signature synthspired 80’s feel that every other indie band is experimenting with these days to deliver something soulful, sensual and downright splendid.
Meet new artist, Hunter as a Horse. Their signature sound is unlike any you’ve ever heard as it is a colorful mating ritual of traditional African music, dream pop, and electronica. We have a whole new genre, ladies and gentlemen!
We’re getting you in on the ground floor with new artist Anna of the North, as they only have four tracks on SoundCloud, one of which is a cover and another is a remix. They’re super-new, and I think they’ll be a top pick for group of the fall/winter.
New band Farmdale is comprised of Buck Lucky and Ray Ray from Nashville, Tennessee and they make pop-rock like no one else. They want to boogie your woogie for a few minutes, and I am 100% down for that!
What do you call a group of futuristic pop sluts from the Planet Lovestarr? Lovestarrs, naturally. The redundantly named new artists aren't actually new though.