Best New Indie Pop

We are back babeeeez with a playlist so hot that we were prohibited from playing on Earth Day for fear of global warming. Me, myself, and ten indie pop songs are here to add some sparkle to your day. We have to get cracking on the (...)
Dark indie songstress Morgan Saint returns with another pop ballad that tears at your heart. Her single “God Bless Our Souls,” is perfectly suited for late nights when guilt and regret are eating at you (...)
Falling in love is a strange, complicated rush of emotions. There's the adrenaline euphoria rush of hormones. There's the excitement of deep-diving into your lover's soul... But there's also the quiet (...)
Berkeley producer/singer/songwriter's Emmit Fenn’s single "Overflow" is ebullient yet reserved, gushing with emotion yet static and steady. Read our review to find out more! In the tarot deck, the 3 of cups is called (...)
Our love for Indie Pop music is more real than the bond that holds Justin Beiber and Hailey, it’s stronger than the snatching grip of a Kardashian. We’ve basically sold our social and free time in exchange for music (...)
Palmistry is back with new material. And this time he’s partnered up with another musical genius, Sophie, to create the sound of “Water.” Together the two create a fluid sound that basks in a pool of playful synths.
On “bad guy” burgeoning pop superstar Billie Eilish positions herself as the villain. She doesn’t bother with any of that anti-hero nonsense that’s been the rage for the entire millenium (if not longer). She knows exactly who she is and what she’s doing.
The alt-pop artist, triple-quadruple threat, Sky Ferreira marks her return to music with a disturbingly haunting single. “Downhill Lullaby” leaves listeners nodding their head in approval.
With under a thousand plays on Spotify, Australian songstress Skarlette is an absolute hidden gem silently entering our world with her cinematic single “Where.”
Our Best of Indie Pop Songs column says a lot about the times we live in. It also says a lot about the people who tune in every week to discover new songs, so our advice to you that you didn’t ask for is … you better tune in because you don’t want to miss this week’s music highlights.
Feeling stressed? Decompress with DENM's "Life Too Short," a dose of breezy, optimistic Garage Pop for the early spring.
As my half-awake brain types this week’s pop music highlights all I ask is that you turn up the volume now because we’re diving straight into 10 curated songs that you should know about.