Best New Indie Pop

Sasha Ortiz is Kissy, a new singer-slash-producer. You may not have heard of Kissy before, but it's possible you've seen her perform--she's played backup to the likes of The Kills. Electric Dreams sounds just like the title -- dreamy pop punctuated by electric vibrations.
Today’s playlist is one that you’ll want to carry with you anywhere and everywhere you go. Play it in the shower, play it in class, or in the car, and be sure you have it handy for an emergency.
Ever since TOKiMONSTA burst on to the scene in 2013, she has proven herself as a reputable singer/songwriter with a distinct ethos. Her new album, Lune Rouge, debuted October 6. Songs like Estrange from the compilation take us at We Are The Guard somewhere far, far away.
Though summer is officially over, Alexander Lewis returns us to the sandy beaches with his island-destined track Off Guard. From us here at We Are The Guard and those familiar with Lewis's previous works, this one will literally catch you off guard.
Acid Love is pure downbeat, future r&b sultry pop goodness. Avante Black’s smooth, purring full-bodied vocals ride like a cloud of fireflies over a smooth, head-nodding bassline, laced with futuristic beat mangling.
There is so much to catch up on in the realm of indie pop. Here to help us survive whatever it is we are going through are ten of the most standout acts. Hit pause on life as you press play on the following.
Scandinavian are known for their willingness to have a good time, but we're not just talking about Kygo and Aurora anymore. Meet Pom Poko: the four-piece band that isn't interested in following music trends.
We Are The Guard is happy to turn the focus to some of our local artists here in sunny Los Angeles. Enemy is the newest release from LA local Oliver Tree and Windy City-native Whethan.
This week the internet has graced us with new tunes from Wolf Alice, Kesha, Billie Eilish, and a few other acts that are no strangers to We Are The Guard. Time to turn over your attention to 10 songs that are more than worth it.
New Zealand’s Siobhan Sainte rediscovers romance on Midnight. Over a growling bassline and boom-bap beat, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails’ Closer, Midnight is as honest and intimate as a 12 a.m. confession purred past your earlobe, while still being edgy enough to make sense of today’s romanticism.