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The xx are always a band to watch and their new video "I Dare You" is no exception. We here at We Are: The Guard are absolutely ecstatic to share his filmmaking masterpiece with you.
The music producer known as Wingtip adopted the vocals of Delacey to formulate his newest song called Walls. Filled with enthusiastic beats and uplifting vocals, We Are: The Guard has just discovered something great for your summer playlists.
Son-J creates the kind of music that We At The Guard refer to as "bangers," for lack of a better term. It's the music that makes you want to lose control of your body.
I’m just going to assume that we all know who the high and mighty Zola Jesus is; the dark, Florence-Welchian songstress that has made my witchy little heart thrive for years. Take a listen to Exhumed, our latest obsession.
Some great minds came together to create the magic that is Haiku Hands. This silly squad of ladies have far more credentials than your average supergroup of hip-hoppers. Think MIA meets Major Lazer, with the sense of humor of the Beastie Boys.
Cold by Maroon 5 and Future is catchy, but it has a repetitive and slow beat. However, when Snow Culture takes on the song, it becomes something new entirely. Dare, we say it's even better than the original?
Working out of Music City, Florida-native JMR just dropped a brand-new track from his freshly-released EP. We Are The Guard analyzes the follow-up to his previous single, Bound, entitled June Carter.