We Are The Guard is here to help you survive what's left of the holiday season with the latest edition of Best Chill Music! Take a moment to escape the Christmas confusion with the following songs from SHY Martin, The 1975, Blood Orange, and plenty of others!
As the lead guitarist and vocalist of Daughter, Elena Tonra crafted some absolutely gut-wrenching break-up songs. She’s back as a solo act under the moniker Ex:Re. The first single, Romance, details the dissolution of a relationship.
What is up my little scrooges! Welcome back to the poppiest corner of the internet where we dive into the best songs in indie pop. This week it’s all about MXMS, Lila Drew, Emily Burns, and while we’re at it Mark Ronson. Listen now and thank me later.
The problem with music these days is that there is so much of it out there and not enough time in a day to listen to everything. It’s easy to let audible gold slip through the cracks, but we don’t want you to miss any of the indie goods so that is why we gather here today.
Keeping on top of the fastest-moving social network can be an absolute ballache (for lack of a better word). It's why we take it upon ourselves here at We Are: The Guard to bring you all of the greatest 280-character highlights in the convenient form of 10 Twitter Moments.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HIPSTERS! It's time for this week's edition of We Are The Guard's Best Indie Songs! Starring Grimes, MØ, SWMRS, LANKS, Vulfpeck, and five other favorites, this playlist has something for everyone!
The weeks that follow Thanksgiving and Christmas always have a sort of International Waters spice to ‘em. Some folks have an overflowing reserve of pent up energy while other are exhausted. This chaotic mixture gives off the sense that anything can happen.
For sixty-eight years the “Now That’s What I Call Music!” people have been dropping compilation after compilation of the hottest pop songs of the year. But the real question on everybody’s mind is: what the hell is going to happen when they finally hit the most hilarious number there has ever been: 69?
We Are The Guard is here to see you through the Christmas chaos with the latest edition of Top Chill Music! Sit back and relax this Friday morning with a Gingerbread Latte and the following chill vibes from Ex:Re, RY X, Tom Rosenthal, Quincy Mumford, Echos, and more!