Best Chill Out Music
As I mentioned over at Best Indie Songs, the news is an absolute sh*tshow at the moment. That said, it'd appear that a large portion of us are quite simply unable to switch off from the rolling coverage of the impeachment hearings (...)
If Ryan Beatty were to turn out to be the head of a new chillwave 2.0 pop-soul-esque sound, then consider us signed right up. Like first in line, riding the rails at shows-- in a chill way though. His music is too wayyyy vibey to stress (...)
Before everything became monetized and recorded, songs were passed down like folktales. Occasionally a new singer would take some creative liberties during a performance and another verse would be added to (...)
What better way to commemorate this day than to showcase 10 of the best and hottest indie-pop tunes? What exactly are we celebrating? Anything really. Me personally I’m just happy to hear that Akon will be (...)
In the competition for most serenely beautiful vocals backed by experimental, if not even caustic production, Moses Sumney has now entered the arena once ruled unchallenged by FKA twigs (and basically invented by Bjork). “Virile” (...)
The wait is finally over! Royksopp's ambient techno epic "Shores Of Easy" is finally getting an official release! Eight years is an eternity in the realm of pop music and culture. While genres and pop music and hip-hop are always (...)
If you’re one of the poor, lonesome souls who finds themselves single in the year of 2019, you know things are in a bleak state. Dating has been outsourced to smartphones and algorithms which leads to an increase in superficiality and (...)
Alt-country singer/songwriter Jake Bugg returns with a sunny new single, "Kiss Like The Sun," just in time for the dark, cold time of year. Summer is already becoming a distant memory. We're several months deep into the new school (...)
Mike Posner and Naughty Boy live their best lives on "Live Before I Die." Pop music of all kinds - club pop, hip-hop, EDM, and so on - all have associations with decadence, hedonism, self-destruction. "It's better to burn out than to fade (...)
Charlotte Lawrence delivers a state of the union on the weird world we're living on "God Must Be Doing Cocaine." "May you live in interesting times." This proverb sounds like a blessing but was actually intended (...)
The news is an absolute sh*tshow at the moment. If you're looking for a break from the rolling coverage of the impeachment hearings, then you're in the right place. That's not to say that the music in this latest edition of We Are: The Guard's (...)