Best New Indie Pop

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through August? I can’t! Luckily, it was a really good week for indie pop. So once again, we’re bringing you the top indie pop releases for your listening pleasure. Buckle up, because (...)
Hello dear We Are: The Guard readers. You ready to hold on tight to your headphones? I sure hope so because it’s time to dive right into another weekly dose of the Best Indie Pop Songs. Yep, we’ve curated another list for (...)
It’s been a big week for fans of indie pop. From Taylor Swift’s most indie sounding release ever with collaborators including Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner, to a new jam by ROLE MODEL, we’ve got a lot to cover (...)
Sometimes, Wednesdays suck. Your relaxed vibes from last weekend are starting to wear off, and the next one can’t come soon enough. It’s like you’ve entered the work-week tunnel and can’t see the light on either end. There (...)