Best New Tracks

Dan Vidmar, the artist with the moniker of Shy Girls has left a lot of ladies and gentlemen drooling. His lyrics carry so much soul that make even the coldest of hearts want to feel. His latest pop ballad, Why I Love, opens up haunting and devastating tone that is memorable due to the Vidmar’s vocals. I also feel that it’s a perfect track for the season.
Relationships are mega hard, especially when you know the end is coming. Sometimes we let things go on for too long, but when the final straw is pulled it’s time to blow out the light as the duo GEMS writes about in their dreamy pop single, Blow Out The Light.
Lolz at first I was all like, Omgee, Ice-T is back in the game Woop Woop. It took me a second to zap out of my buzz to realize it was Killer Mike and Tkay Maidza sounding so fresh and so fierce thanks to the adderall infused rework of producer Vasco. The production is quite fitting as it adds the playfulness that the original version lacked.
Holy freeeeeak! Talk about a blast from the past (I guess this is where my age really shows). Alternative indie band take on a 90s cult favorite track, Born Slippy. Originally released by British band Underworld as a B-side, the song gained popularity with the not so very well known movie “Trainspotting”...twenty-two years later and we now have this....
Without missing a step Atlanta rapper Pollari releases yet another ambitious fire of a track featuring Lil Peep. Produced by Brobak, Fantasy carries an addictive beat that will be sure to leave listeners in a hazy state of mind crying out for more, much like the ladies on the song’s artwork.
New indie band MOSA WILD are coming at us at full force with their unapologetically epic indie rock debut, Smoke. The track includes all of the necessary ingredients of a delightfully emotional indie-pop anthem: Soft atmospherics, steady drums, guitars, and uplifting backing vocals that you can’t help but feel yourself get sucked into.
Awful Records artist ABRA is gaining some much deserved hype with her sultry hypnotic sound that truly shines on her new track, Bounty. It features a stripped-down ticking beat, soft electronics, and her silky smooth R&B-style vocals that keep you in a hypnotic trance throughout the 5 minute duration.
Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Emma Sameth instantly won us over with her chilly electro-R&B track, 2 AM. It’s produced by DNTST and Berg, and it features a snap-filled, winding beat that keeps the track going, while her breathy-soft vocals set the track’s sensual tone.