By now you’ve probably heard that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear while he was quarantined during the bubonic plague. But you are no Billy Shakespeare. Plus, if that dude had Animal Crossing, Netflix, Tik Tok (…)
Musicians are finding ways to get all sorts of creative during this world wide quarantine that seems to be lasting a gazillion days. And though we can’t physically gather together, we somehow find ourselves more united than ever. Proof of (…)
Being hyper-confrontational, humorous, and generally obtuse are the hallmarks of any true New Yorker. Princess Nokia, the alias of rapper Destiny Frasqueri, has these characteristics in spades. Born in New York City and of Puerto Rican (…)
After a year of successful singles and remixes, rising artist Au/Ra has blessed us with “Ideas.” Jamie Lou Stenzel (Au/Ra) was born in Ibiza to a musical family. Her father, Torsten Stenzel, is a producer, composer, and songwriter within (…)
It’s officially wedding season bb’s and We Are: The Guard wants to be a part of your happiest day in like ever by giving you the most epic must play music at your wedding playlist featuring The Best R&B Wedding Songs. For this assignment (…)
Want to hear something crazy? It would have been Coachella this past weekend and this weekend coming up. To think we could have been collectively losing our minds to Danny Elfman in the desert right now. But instead we're stuck at home (…)
Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like Los Angeles based artist/producer NoMBe has released another dreamy romantic masterpiece “Weirdo,” and it’s ridiculously caliente (a.k.a. hot for all my non Spanish speaking (…)
Yves Tumor takes us on a guided tour of his dreams on "Dream Palette," the latest single from his brand new album Heaven to a Tortured Mind. From its inception, Yves Tumor's arty pop/r&b/funk has had an uncanny (…)
In these gloomy times, we could all use some joy. What better way to remember the simpler days than with music? Whether you’re working from home, going for a run, or looking to wake up to some sunshine, put on (…)
The question I must ask myself when crafting this post is who will this song appeal to more:  Saint Punk stans or Matt McFAndrews? [This is what fans of the season 7 runner-up on NBC’s The Voice, Matt McAndrew (…)
After seven years of travelling the world and mixing industrial with hip-hop, Zebra Katz has entered uncharted territory with his new self-produced, self released album “LESS IS MOOR.” Ojay Morgan (Zebra Katz) studied Shakespeare at The New (…)