Thanks for joining me for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's 10 Twitter Moments because, let's face it, what better way to honor the flip of the calendar than by catching up on all of the hottest tweets from your favorite bands, artists, and producers?!
“All a man gots is his dick and his word” so sayeth the outro of the newest YG single “Handgun,” which also marks his first collaboration with A$AP Rocky and the most comfortable he’s sounded since his very public split from DJ Mustard.
In case the incredible artwork didn’t tip you off to what this song is about, it can be succinctly summarized as: realizing you’re still infatuated with another person even as they are vomiting on you.
As we turn our calendars to August, why not give your Spotify playlists (other streaming services are available!) a much-needed overhaul this Monday morning with the following hand-selected tracks from Muse, Greta Van Fleet, XYLØ, and seven other favorites?!
TED has really turned into a bizarre video wikipedia of sorts for just about every topic, idea, and famous person imaginable. TED also has great talks about music. So we decided to find and show the best of the best. Here are the ten best TED talks by famous musicians -- and one composer.
Crank up your AC unit, as it's time to check out this week's edition of We Are The Guard's Top Chill Songs, featuring Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper, Jessie Reyez, Wet, JMSN, and more.
Welcome once again to another installment of the Best of Instagram. We do these every week because we know that our readers are cool, hip people and need a 'Gram feed like you do a Sunday newspaper. This week features Ariana Grande, Allie X, and our one and true goddess, Britney Spears.
It’s the middle of the week and we all need to let loose for bit and guess what? We are here to help with that. Your fav music site We Are The Guard is back with another round up of the best songs in indie pop.
Your Smith is a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice that has crafted an amazing song (she only has the one right now) with bits of funk, alternative, and soul that all work together to form something…else. Something better. Something worth blogging about.
Muse's newest single Something Human is practically a 180 from Drones,. A deeply personal song about being burnt out by touring and the general disconnect from other humans in our digital age, Something Human also finds them toning down their anthemic approach to songwriting.
Billie Eilish comes from a family or actors, musicians, and screenwriters. At the tender age of 16 she already had bragging rights over them all. Her latest single, you should see me in a crown, further cements her status as the family superstar.