Now the music industry is properly back up and running (Who's excited to see Big Thief win their first Grammy on Sunday?!), there were A LOT of songs for me to get through over the last seven days. It was actually one of those weeks where (...)
Moses Sumney continues to amp up the expectation for his new album, Grae, with "Me In 20 Years." Moses Sumney certainly knows how to work the album release cycle. He's currently on his third advance single for (...)
Now the holiday season is over and you're returning to work or college, you may be finding your stress and anxiety levels are starting to rise again. It doesn't have to be this way, however. This 2020, it's time to take back control (...)
And now, we interrupt your weekday to bring you an indie pop playlist so clutch that you’ll want to come back for seconds. This week’s installment of We Are: The Guards' hand picked curated songs will inspire you to dance, to sing, to follow (...)
Hotshot producer Whethan looks forwards/backwards on "Stay Forever" featuring STRFKR. For electronic music to truly take hold and grab the public fascination, it needs to strike an equilibrium between the past and the (...)
Hello, We Are: The Guardians, and happy frickin’ new year! I’m sure it’s all “New Year, New Decade, New Me” for you, but I’m actually committing to being the same person spending way too much time on Instagram (...)
If you thought 2019 was a glitch in the simulation, well, 2020 is turning out to be a full-on piece of malware. Donald Trump is leading us into World War III, Australia is burning, and the British royal family have all but called it quits. It can be no (...)
Bow down to London electropop duo Reyko on "Surrender."There is nothing quite like the love of a good partner. It pumps you up, makes you feel capable of anything. After all, if you managed to secure the love of such an amazing (...)
Norway's Sassy 009 craft a jittering, electro ode to isolation on "Thrasher." Loneliness can be a beast and Norway's Sassy 009 manages to evoke the ugliness and painfulness in “Thrasher” as well as capture some of its detached (...)