Best New Artists 2013

Along with being one of four 18 year olds in the known universe without a Facebook account, new artist Angelo Mota is also a very real talent.
LOLO is one of our emerging artists that'll just keep surprising you. She sounds like Adele, if Adele was young at heart and sexy.
New artists The Howling exist in the universe of less-is-more. Their music is an exercise in scarcity. Discover The Howling, and find out about becoming a Curator.
New artist Hey Champ is a rising star in the indie pop genre. See if their eclectic synth-pop tunes and upbeat vocals could become your quintessential summer soundtrack.
Sound geniuses and new artists Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches have merged into something pure, melodic and worth a whole lot of praise. Let the cult of ODESZA begin!
Delicate, immersive and quite sad indeed, new artist Emma Davis's songs could make for some beautiful background music, if they weren't so damn perfect.
Singer-songwriter Chris Kittrell's project Baby Alpaca is a chunk of melancholic sunshine that illuminates the senses with a mix of psychedelic and dream-folk music.
For a band with members below the legal drinking age, new artist Coastal Cities concocts a nostalgic yet fresh sound that will resonate with old school and new gen alike.