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Summer is a time for enjoying life at a, let's say, slower pace. It's quite simply *too damn hot* to be stressing out about work, college, or whatever else it is that we tend to find ourselves stressing out about throughout the rest of the year. No, summer is a time (...)
Fourth of July hangover plaguing you this Friday morning?! Ooh, boy, I feel your pain. I never want to see another can of beer or vegan hotdog ever again...maybe. Anyways, if you're in search of some soothing sounds to ease your throbbing (...)
Hello, readers! How are you?! How's your summer going so far?! Hopefully better than mine! It turns out that spending all week in bed, rising periodically to apply menthol rub, really isn't a summer vibe! ANYWAYS! While I may be currently (...)
The best thing about chill music is that it appeals to everyone. While our indie and indie pop columns, for example, are aimed at people with very specific tastes, we like to think that anybody can come here and enjoy the relaxing vibes. Whether (...)
The end of the working week is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing. It's time for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Chill Songs! For those of you who are new to our little musical oasis, it's here that we gather every Friday (...)
There's something about summer and chill music that just seems to go hand in hand. Whether you're spending the blistering days by the beachside with girlfriends, or whiling away the warm nights on city rooftops with long-lost (...)
The calendar shows that it's almost June 1st, which can only mean one thing: Summer is almost upon us, y'all! Three months straight of road trips, pool parties, and barbecues on beaches with friends? Erm, YES PLEASE! Of course, no summer is complete (...)
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's Top Chill Music. If the gray skies that are currently blanketing much of Los Angeles have resulted in you having to cancel your plans this Memorial Day, don't worry as the team (...)
I don't know about you guys but it’s been one heck of a week. Between work, family drama, and having to deal with myself, I for one am glad it’s Friday. For many, Fridays mean weekend mode on, for us at We Are: The Guard, it means it’s that (...)
For a whole lot of people in this world, the end of the working week represents the start of party season. For those of us here at We Are: The Guard, however, Friday nights are all about relaxing and unwinding after a long week of hard grinding at (...)
Happy May! Can you believe that we're already over a third into 2019? While we may no longer be holding ourselves to the resolutions that we set in January, there's nothing quite like a brand new month to press the reboot button on life. (...)
Hello, one and all, and thanks for joining me and the team for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Chill Music. If you're new to this column, it's here where we meet every Friday to wash away the stresses and strains (...)