Best New Indie Pop

With all the talk of Hot Girl Summer and Christian Girl Autumn, little if any attention has been given to the ageless Sad Girl Summer (SGS). That’s all about to change thanks to “SICK”, the latest collaboration from Aussie (...)
There’s an incalculable amount of music and art about being miserable because someone doesn’t like you. But on her brilliant new single “Crushing”, TRACE explores what it’s like to make someone miserable 'cause (...)
We’ve not only filtered through the internet for the latest and best music releases, but we’ve also filtered YouTube for our favorite comments. Let’s get to it and enjoy music from our girl Salem, Lizzo, King (...)
Despite their reputation as a dry, dour, and reserved people, the Brtish are actually quite emotional. The very best music coming from that pale island is always packed to the gills with emotional resonance, whether it’s (...)
For those who’ve found their way here thinking there was new music from S4LEM, the trio that turned America on to the underground genre of witch-house, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend. There’s no witch here (...)
If you are here reading this and your week hasn’t been good enough, I’ve taken it upon myself to bless you all with beautiful music that is killing it this week … or as We Are: The Guard likes to call it, The Best Indie Pop Songs Yup, I’m taking (...)
Here’s your dose of romantic electro-pop ballad for the weekend. The weather outside might be blistering hot, but Lykke Li says “nope not hot enough” … that is why she turns it up a few degrees in her song “Neon" (...)
This Best of Indie Pop post is sponsored by Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer … when I say sponsored I mean we aren’t getting any money or freebies, I’m just trying to survive this heat by sipping my sweat away one can at a time (...)
Bishop Briggs is at it again, and not to surprise anyone, but she’s one huge bad arse. I say this because it’s obvious! Every dang time she drops a new song or video our love for her grows. Those who haven’t caught eye of her latest single “Champion” (...)
This year at Coachella I was forced to come face to face with my own old man out-of-touchness. I hadn’t even heard of Billie Eilish before I stumbled up to her absolutely packed set at the festival. Who was this seventeen (...)
Lola Blanc is here to make sure you don’t become static. Premiering today, her video for her single “Angry Too” is part protest song, part rallying cry. It’s a direct response to the #metoo movement and a needed (...)
We spent our entire week searching up the best indie-pop songs to help keep your party going. Thanks to the featured artists below, you and your friends can stay up and sweat off the effect of alcohol or whatever you're on. Let’s give it up to Galantis (...)