Best New Indie Pop

As you prep for tomorrow, We Are The Guard and I have collected ten new indie pop songs that will help get you through the holiday chaos. And sorry for those looking for Christmas tunes, we’re not serving any of that just yet. Scroll through our palette cleansing playlist.
For over half a decade or so now, We Are The Guard has been running the Best of Indie pop column. A few things have changed, but we clearly have a formula that works because we’ve remained consistent with finding noteworthy pop bangers, ballads, and sing-alongs.
The polls in America for voting for your next political representative are closed now, but there is still one very important poll open that demands your vote. The answer to everyone’s burning question still needs to be decided … McDonald’s vs Burger King, which one is better?
The Best of Indie Pop is the column where we present to you ten human curated indie pop songs that we’re digging. Let’s get started with music from Age. Sex. Location, Eman8, Maggie Lindermann, and more.
If Nicki Minaj and Cardi B can raise the heat then so can we! Today we’re giving you another dose of the best 10 songs in indie pop you should be listening to like right now.
Today’s featured pop artists are a sure win. 10 out of 10 voters will agree that Poppy, Maria Lynn, ORKID, and the rest of the artists below are a must listen to this week.
Today’s top Best of Indie Pop column features ten artists who are doing music right. They’re all about delivering sweet jams that make you get lost in the melody while bouncing along to upbeat rhythm and have you singing along to ear-grabbing lyrics.
There are two things you should do each day. The first, dance like there is no tomorrow, and second, drop in and check out the latest indie songs that the team at We Are: The Guard has curated for you. Today’s featured songs come from FRDN, Sigala, Logic, LEON, and more.
No need for you to waste time scrolling through endless blogs or waiting for Friday for new music because we got you covered with 10 indie pop songs that are anything but basic.
We’re still riding on our high from last night’s first ever branded night at The Echoplex in Los Angeles. It was fun, it was great, and we can’t wait to do it again. I hope the city of Los Angeles is ready for some hotness coming their way. Speaking of hotness we have 10 of the latest and best curated pop songs from the past week.
By the time you’re done scrolling through our selection you’ll be left craving more, and lucky for you, we’ve made it easy to play new indie music because we have all the songs available on our Spotify playlist. Ok let’s press play on today’s indie pop songs from Chloe Lilac, Lauren Aquilina, ZHU, and more.
The best songs in indie pop weekly column is back and ready to make your body move. Just last week we gave you ten songs to indulge your senses in and because of the positive feedback, we’re giving you ten more delicious tracks plus an additional playlist to keep your body, mind, and ears pleased.
Summer is officially over, not really, my phone is still reading above 90 degree temperatures … but according to Starbucks basic biatches can bust out their fugly boots because the pumpkin spice latte is back. Let’s get you feeling good with the following songs from Boehm, The 1975, NOTD, and more.