Best New Indie Pop

We’re back and ready to do what we do best. Every week We Are: The Guard’s Best of Indie Pop column begins with a sigh of relief because it’s Wednesday and we’re keeping things on your playlist fresh from now until Friday. Lend your ears to music from Nao, SOPHIE, Tessa Violet, and more. Grab your headphones and get ready to hit play. This is gonna be hawt!
There are few things in life that last forever, i.e. styrofoam and the lasting impression of today’s curated indie pop songs from Party Pupils, Tove Lo, 88rising, and more.
We’ve filtered through gazillions of tracks, took out the junk, and have dwindled it down to only the best. Turn your attention to Low Cut High Tops, Kesha, Charli XCX, and more.
Enjoy the latest Indie Pop music featuring Dresage, Opia, Sophia Black, and more. If these names don’t ring a bell than lucky you because today you get to discover something new.
Day in and day out we scour the internet and other sources to bring you the tastiest and most important meal of the day in the form of The Best of’s. There’s no doubt you’ll be coming back for seconds. Help yourselves, there is plenty of best of Indie Pop to go around for everyone. Enjoy!
Just this morning I was reminded that the best part of waking up is a hot steamy playlist full of the catchiest pieces of ear candy from around the interwebs. Today we’ve got some new music from jesse saint john, GRAACE, Noah Cyrus, and more.
L.A.'s jesse saint john returns with his newest single, FAKE IT, encouraging us to do just the opposite. With jesse saint john's infectious blend of synthpop, futuristic beats, and shoutalong choruses, he encourages us to "go through the motion of emotion," "fake it until we feel it."
Take out your little black books because it’s time you cross off Grimes from your list. Don’t cry, her and her new billionaire boyfriend are the best thing to happen to us. Here's a brand spanking new playlist of the best indie pop songs that is as exciting and strange and fresh and calculated as the new found love between the goth princess and her nerd king.
Settle down y’all, no need to be jumping to conclusions about why I said ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ after receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, it’s me … Tustin Jimberlake and before you start hating on me let me just ‘Say Something.’
By the end of this post you’ll be able to show off your impressive music taste with the world. Now go on and get you some! Enjoy the latest from Dillon Francis, Duke Dumont, Sophie Simmons, and more artists that you need to listen to now.
Purchasing a ticket to the OTR II vs. paying my rent was the second smartest thing I’ve done this year. Speaking of smart things to do, it’s time to take a look at this week’s Best of Indie Pop and spread the word about More Giraffes, King Princess, MorMor, and more.
Molly Moore looks like the type of girl who would tell you off, slap you, then finish it all with a french kiss. Her newest single “No Stress” is packed full of mixed signals (or perhaps I am just projecting).