Best New Indie Pop

I shall be prepared to endure this hell of a summer with 1) delicious ice cold six pack 2) ice for the six pack and my body 3) a mega playlist with the Best in Indie Pop. We got this, we can do this with a little help from Allie X, Jazz Morley, Lucian, and the other incredible featured artists.
There are times where I’m so busy adulting that I forget how to enjoy life. I need to let loose and the only way I see it happening is by enjoying an all new playlist of the best of indie pop. Now I know I’m not the only wreck out there in need of kick ass tunes, so why don’t you hold my hand and enjoy what AlunaGeorge, Bibi Bourelly, Verite, and the rest of today’s featured artists have to offer.
Here to add some excitement and movement to your week are: DENM, Bibi Bourelly, Kygo, and a couple more artists that you will discover as soon as you start scrolling down the post. No need to thank us, well actually if you could that would be A1. You know where to hit us up, just saying. Anyways let the fun begin.
It’s been a crazy week full of amazing releases and today we are super excited to share with you our finds. All you have to do to access the hottest tracks is scroll on down and press play, and if you love what you hear be sure to show your love to Flume, Lady Leshurr, Azealia Banks and the rest of today’s featured artists by supporting their music. Check out the deliciousness below.
Life must continue and the music should keep playing and as Prince once sang, Everybody's got a bomb / We could all die any day / But before / I'll let that happen / I'll dance my life away. So let’s dance away to music from Vanic, Lido, Bibi Bourelly, and more.
With many uncertainties surrounding our thoughts, we can always turn to music to provide comfort and have it serve as a form of letting go. This week’s Best of Indie Pop songs provide exactly what you need. Enjoy the melting pot of alternative pop songs provided by Saveus, Kanye West, Gnash and more.
Check out some of the absolute best indie pop of the week! We’ve got the latest from Mike Posner, DJ Snake, Lany, Kygo, and much more to give you the perfect soundtrack to your spring time shenanigans. So read on to discover some tasty alternative pop goodness.
With the arrival of spring, everything seems to be in full bloom. This includes music festivals like the one we just got back from, and a whole lot of music from indie artists that bring with them a bunch of warm tunes and popping bangers. Enjoy the latest offerings from Sia, Shan VIncent De Paul, Gorgon City, and other delicious finds.