Best New Indie Pop

Settle down y’all, no need to be jumping to conclusions about why I said ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ after receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, it’s me … Tustin Jimberlake and before you start hating on me let me just ‘Say Something.’
By the end of this post you’ll be able to show off your impressive music taste with the world. Now go on and get you some! Enjoy the latest from Dillon Francis, Duke Dumont, Sophie Simmons, and more artists that you need to listen to now.
Purchasing a ticket to the OTR II vs. paying my rent was the second smartest thing I’ve done this year. Speaking of smart things to do, it’s time to take a look at this week’s Best of Indie Pop and spread the word about More Giraffes, King Princess, MorMor, and more.
Molly Moore looks like the type of girl who would tell you off, slap you, then finish it all with a french kiss. Her newest single “No Stress” is packed full of mixed signals (or perhaps I am just projecting).
Pop punk and hip-hop come together in Busu's banging new single, Do 2 Much, but you have to really squint to identify the punkish influence. It's more of an attitude, an unwillingness to compromise, which has defined the young Stockholm rapper from the very start.
There are some things your are immediately in the bag for and all you can do is hope for the best. A Janelle Monae song called Pynk featuring Grimes feels like some fanfic I’m not nearly brave enough to write. I loved this before I knew it existed.
The sun is radiating heat over Los Angeles today and I’m in an unusually good spirit. Could it be that this week’s Best of Indie Pop songs are rubbing off their good vibes on me? Lend an ear to the following songs from Drake, Louis The Child, Alison Wonderland and more.
Are we ready for another installment of the top indie pop songs? Of course we are and oooh - eeee this week’s curated playlist features all sorts of hotness. Enjoy the last bit of spring break by getting down to the following songs featuring Cardi B, GIRLI, and Lady Leshurr.
The flu has gotten the best of me and while you enjoy this week’s human curated indie pop songs I’ll be snoozing my fever away. Enjoy the latest from E^st, Sigrid, MXMS, and more. I’ll be back with my normal self next week.
Let’s all hold hands and bow down to the last sounds from Lily Allen, Sigrid, Anna Lunoe, and more. Actually let’s not hold hands, just scroll through, press play, and share with your friends.
What are you waiting for, get to it and click play on the very instagrammable and shareable playlist featuring the music from Elohim, El - P, The Knocks, and more.
A rising new-comer from good ol’ Los Angeles, Elohim has been making a name for herself with mystical, sensual and alluring pop music. Listen to Panic Attacks, featuring Yoshi Flower. Running just under three minutes, Panic Attacks is a definitive short and sweet tune.