Best New Indie Pop

We’ve got something that will warm you right up, or at least distract for the next thirty minutes. By the end of today’s top ten indie pop songs you’ll be throwing out your onesies and reaching for your swimsuit (not really). Enough of my intro, let’s jump straight into the music.
After an entire week of filtering through different playlists and other sources I’ve dwindled it to ten songs that will help you face the anxieties of the week. Goodbye drama and B.S., hello good times, good beats, and good tunes. This week we’re featuring SOPHIE, DENM, Robotaki and more.
Today is Wednesday which means two things, we’re two days away from Friday, but most importantly it’s time for a another fresh round of the Best in Alternative or Indie Pop from the past seven days. Let’s turn it up to this week’s featured artists including DENM, BARK, JOHN k., and more.
I can’t deny that I’ve been in the mood for a good cry, and this next track brings out the ugly cry better than Kim Kardashian. Welcome to the Outside, as they’d say. Here is Habits, and the equally depressing video by outsideOUTSIDE.
Madge is now located in LA, and from the sounds of her debut single -- which was mixed, written, and ALL self-produced -- her life has been a wild ride. Listen to the exuberant and hyper-pop track, Fight or Flight Club below.
To all the single people, to all the lovers with romantic plans for tonight, let this playlist get you pumped for the action or lack thereof that will take place today. Let’s get straight into the latest from Kendrick Lamar, Diplo, jesse saint john, Marian Hill, and more.
Sasha Sloan may not be a name you recognize instantly just yet, but if you’ve listened to any Charli XCX or Camila Cabello in the last eight months, chance are you’ve encountered her lyrics.
Apparently We Are The Guard knows what’s up because the fake Kevin Hart is here today as your guest host presenting some of the best Indie Pop music ever! So take a shot and listen up to jesse saint john, SZA, Millie Turner, Busta Rhymes, and some other names I’m not familiar with.
Imagine if there was a song for all those dinguses that toyed with our hearts. And what if that song was actually good? Take a listen to Lebanese artist Bazzi’s song Why, and I’m sorry for any memories this will stir up.
MATTIS, a rising artist from Copenhagen, has branded himself as a viking soul connoisseur ever since the release of his debut single, Loverboy. He’s now back with a new track, and it’s dark, sleek, and sexy like a blockbuster vampire film (Think Underworld, guys -- not the other one). Listen to The Chain below.
I’m the Internet's newest favorite grandma and the most envied person at Monday’s bridge session, presenting this week’s Best of Indie Pop. Being a meme is great, but being here today to announce the music is even better.