Best New Indie Pop

Welcome to a brand new and spankin’ fresh playlist of the Best of Indie Pop. This week the team at BitCandy hand selected their favorites tunes from Raleigh Ritchie, FEMME, Belgrave... the list goes on but I’ll leave it to you to discover who else is featured by scrolling down and pressing play. Enjoy our curated list, we made it for you with love <3.
Realizing that time is not slowing down and that we are not getting any younger, I took a dive into the internet in search of new songs. Today’s Best of Indie Pop segment includes music from producer SeeB, Wolfie, newcomer Nicole Millar and more.
We’ve managed to find even more awesome new indie pop songs to share this week, including the latest from Charli XCX, Aussie heartthrob Troye Sivan, Macklemore, Cadence Kid, and much more.
Lend an ear or two and enjoy our never stale and always fresh curated list of the best indie pop from Charli XCX, Aurora, Kero Kero Bonito and more.
This list is a good one and is meant to be shared because it’s not everyday that we have the following artists under one roof. Get ready to enjoy new musical pleasures form Mayer Hawthorne, Azealia Banks, Wild, and more.
Welcome friends and new faces to a brand new edition of the Best of Indie Pop. Today on our list we fuse together a playlist that includes hip-hop, jagged pop, a lot of synths, and danceable beats.
By the time you scroll through today’s playlist, those winter sniffles of yours will be long gone because you’ll be too busy shaking your booty to the latest music from Lady Leshurr, Betsy, DJ Snake, and other stellar songs.
Here are the Best Indie Pop Songs for the first week of February from Grace Mitchell, Brandyn Burnette, Royal Tongues and more. Time to get to it and discover what your friends are missing.