Best New Indie Pop

Chris Dave has been a prolific drummer for years and ever in our lives providing the skillful beats to some of the more significant moments. Now he’s coming out with an album this week alongside The Drumhedz, and it’s already created a buzz along the music site wires.
This week we’re featuring Towkio, blackbear, Lilly Ahlberg, and more. Scroll, play, repeat, and don’t forget to share your favorite tracks.
Let me introduce you to Lume, a rising female artist whose newly released single is reflective, intelligent, and delicately crafted with purpose. It’s a thinking woman’s pop song, if you will. Listen to Tip of Your Thumb, and I pray the irony of the lyrics don’t get lost on you if you’re reading this post on your phone.
This week we thank Superorganism, BLVK JVCK, Soleima, and the artists featured as part of our best of indie pop songs of the week. There’s plenty melodies, hooks, and beats to keep your blood pumping for another day.
We Are The Guard has selected ten of the best indie tracks we’ve heard all week. Take note of the following tunes from TYSM, Wingtip, H.E.R. and others. Slow clap to all of you who already knew about these artists, perhaps you should srsly consider becoming a curator.
We are not worthy of BORNS’ glorious music, and his new single I Don’t Want U Back is just further proof of this. Listen to the third single off his upcoming album below. And then bow down.
Here are the stars of today’s only playlist you should listen to: CAPPA, Billie Eilish, MXMS, G-Eazy, and more. But that’s not all, there’s a special bonus waiting at the end of the post. Don’t just sit there, SCROLL and PLAY!
Call it a case of deja vu, as the newest track from teenage breakout artist Billie Eilish called &Burn is actually the second part of her previous song featured here at We Are The Guard, Watch. So, what should you expect this time around? Keep reading and find out.
I write today’s Best of Indie Pop post with hopes that it brings much happiness, joy, and cheer. This week’s curated singles are meant to act as a distraction to the holiday chaos. So how about we play the following songs featuring Yung Lean, Charlie XCX, CAPPA, and a few other indie artists nice and loud.
Today we’ve got Arlo for you, a UK singer that’s been making a name for himself as of late with his large voice and even bigger pop production. Listen to Safe down below: you’ll swear there’s a symphony threatening to come out through your laptop speakers.
It’s Courvy the Courvoisier drinking opossum here at your sssservisss and squeezing the last drops of my 15 minutes of fame. Before my spotlight fades away let’s roll into the Best of Indie Pop Songs curated by the somewhat sober folks at We Are The Guard featuring GOFTY, The Knocks, Two Feet, and more.