Best New Indie

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through August? I can’t! Luckily, it was a really good week for indie pop. So once again, we’re bringing you the top indie pop releases for your listening pleasure. Buckle up, because (...)
Remi Wolf has returned with “Monte Carlo” to lift us from our couches. We thought that the release of Wolf’s EP I’m Allergic to Dogs! would be the only positive part of this strange quarantine summer. Well folks, we (...)
Last week, you may have caught that video of the two teenagers getting schooled by Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” It went viral for a reason – turns out there’s something ridiculously gratifying about (...)
Trans singer/songwriter Anjimile explores what it is to be an Artist on "Maker." Creativity is an inherently constructive act. Whether or not your art is happy, sad, positive, or pissed off, you're doing something. It's the (...)
Bristol singer/songwriter Fenne Lily recalls a solo trip as a series of disconnected impressions on "Berlin"! Ah, Berlin! What can you say about a city that's been so many things to so many people? It's been the (...)
If you’d have told me this time last week, Taylor Swift was about to drop the best indie-dad demo of the year, I admit, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. That said, 2020 is one creative curveball after the next, so in many (...)