Best New Indie

When it all gets too much on Thursday, find a quiet place to slip on your headphones and give thanks for the following songs from The Flaming Lips, Milky Chance, Tom Odell, The xx, MØ and more for coming to your rescue.
We're entering a dark and uncertain chapter in American history. For me to sit here typing about how much I love the new Yeo track almost feels offensively trivial. And yet you could argue that music is more vital and meaningful than ever. So onwards and upwards to that new Yeo track – and to the nine other examples of fearless art featured in this week's edition of Top Indie Songs.
This isn't the place to push a political agenda, but just remember to take off your headphones at some point tomorrow and make your voice heard. Okay, political rant over! Back to music being the important thing on the planet and to the Best Indie Songs of Week 45 from Jagwar Ma, George Maple, Nick Waterhouse, PIXIES, Cherry Glazerr and more.
We have some seriously awesome new tracks this week to cleanse our pallets and to get us into November in style. We have the latest from The Shins, Muse, San Cisco, and much much more. So get cozy, grab a bag of left over Halloween candy, and read on for the best new indie tracks of the week!
What’s that? Your co-workers are having an uncomfortably heated political debate? Well, luckily we’re here just in time to swoop in and save you with more of the best indie tracks of the week! We have the latest from Anderson Paak’s new project, NxWorries, Run the Jewels, Laurel, Honne, and much more!
You'll be pleased to hear that you'll find zero drama in the following playlist. The positive vibes set in the moment that you hit play on the latest songs from Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, Glass Animals and more. Your only regret?! That you didn't listen sooner.
Sometimes it can feel like Halloween every day when you're a music blogger. We have to listen to a lot of scary sh*t in order to bring you this playlist once a week. We pride ourselves on protecting your ears from the evil spirits haunting YouTube and SoundCloud so that you only ever have to hear the awesome stuff, like these tunes from Grimes, The Dirty Nil, Bastille, Francis And The Lights, Júníus Meyvant and more.
From Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, to Hurricane Matthew, to Sunday night's presidential debate, the last seven days were certainly packed full of drama. Luckily the week didn't prove to be a total hot mess, though, as some really, really, REALLY good music also came out during it. So without further ado, turn the volume up and hunker down with yet edition of Best Indie Songs featuring Bon Iver, Cruel Youth, Cosmos & Creature and more.