Best New Indie

Yves Tumor takes us on a guided tour of his dreams on "Dream Palette," the latest single from his brand new album Heaven to a Tortured Mind. From its inception, Yves Tumor's arty pop/r&b/funk has had an uncanny (…)
After seven years of travelling the world and mixing industrial with hip-hop, Zebra Katz has entered uncharted territory with his new self-produced, self released album “LESS IS MOOR.” Ojay Morgan (Zebra Katz) studied Shakespeare at The New (…)
How's it going, everybody?! Can you believe it's April already?! It's been a crazy, unpredictable few months, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are going to be changing in the near future. If there's one positive to come from (...)
This is not a test. I repeat this is not a test. Bright Eyes, the 90s band that tugged at our hearts with their breakthrough album Fevers and Mirrors, is back and couldn’t have come at a better time. To be honest (...)
The term 'jazz' is a bit strange, at this point. It's practically synonymous with bougie, upscale class and polite society, meant for dinner parties and as inoffensive easy listening. It's a far cry from its truly revolutionary roots, born out of brothels (...)
Columbus-based indie artist brakence has been making Spotify-curated-playlist waves. On March 26th, he released punk2, a lyric driven album filled with quirky production choices and melodies that evoke sensibilities of Bon Iver (..)
Hi, everybody. How are y'all holding up in these crazy, crazy times? As for me, I've been keeping my mind as active as ever with music, music, and more music. From watching live streams (TIL: Zoom is freaking AWESOME!) to listening to and (...)
Avant-pop beatsculptor Yves Tumor lights it up on "Kerosene"! Making definitive statements about Yves Tumor, the serpentine sobriquet of Sean Bowie, is an exercise in futility. The queer, African-American (...)
Just when I thought the COVID-19 crisis couldn't get any worse, Gal Gadot went and dropped that “Imagine” cover. Way to kick us while we're down, huh, Gal? Anyways, now we're all stuck inside in our pajamas for the foreseeable future (...)
Now that Coachella is canceled – along with basically every social event ever – I have one Louis Vuitton face mask for sale, if any of y'all hypebeasts happen to be interested??? Okay, but totally *sucks* what's happening (...)
As the olds get pushed out of Coachella’s target demographic they complain about there only being a handful of names that they even know of. “But Rage Against The Machine, '' they say as if they’re not (...)