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Sure there are dozens of bands in costumes. But that hasn’t stopped a number of other fearless musicians to experiment with non-human frontmen in their bands. To put animals or robots to good work and see what comes of it. Some work, some don’t. Most are metal as hell. We’re glad we know about all of them.
Some celebrities, like these famous people below, were probably a little too egocentric and thought they had something they actually didn’t. Come down to memory lane with me and see 10 celebrities who failed at a music career.
I am a Narcotics Officer for the LAPD and you are all under arrest for reading this article. Don’t you dare think for a second that we don’t know what you music loving hippies are up to in your spare time. You think you’re being so cute with your clever nicknames and subtle references, but we're not as stupid as we look.
Why the hell do people even know about Juggalo-tendo? What could New-Wave-Breakbeats even be? ASMRstep sounds like a thing I just made up right now for this article, doesn’t it? Well, we’re here to help. Enjoy We Are The Guard’s guide to the Top Ten Craziest Sub Genres.
TED has really turned into a bizarre video wikipedia of sorts for just about every topic, idea, and famous person imaginable. TED also has great talks about music. So we decided to find and show the best of the best. Here are the ten best TED talks by famous musicians -- and one composer.
We tirelessly seek out new and novel sounds from every corner of the globe. Many of the most interesting and exciting sounds and styles have been emerging from Asia, particularly Korea and Japan. These are the 10 K-pop and J-pop bands you need to check out.
Oh Man! Oh My! Oh Wow! Do we have the goods for you today!!! We Are: The Guard is proud to offer face time with the personal homeboy, your new favorite musician, LA’s pop star extraordinaire, jesse saint john.
Masturbation is the swiss army knife of pleasure. While you’re off doing or not doing the thing, we have here 10 songs that speak precisely about pushing all the right buttons. Some you know and others may come as a surprise. Enjoy, and by enjoy we mean the songs of course.
So you’re off to Coachella and your packing list is looking a little light. We Are The Guard has gone ahead and put together a list of our top 10 Must-Haves to make sure that you, your friends and everyone around you has the best festival ever.
America’s Favorite Music Festival just dropped their Weekend One schedule and now there’s all sorts of conflicts for the artists you do want to see and so much down time where you don’t recognize a single name. Well, don’t worry we’re help to help.